Varsity Kansas

T&F: 5 Minutes With Derby's Meshach Kennedy

By Taylor Eldridge

Every Wednesday I am going to try to post a feature I like to call “5 Minutes With…” I’ll try to get as wide of diversity I can, ranging from the studs, to boys and to girls. But it will be kind of a getting-to-know feature that should be a lot of fun.

Alright, let’s get to it. This week I was able to catch up with Derby senior Meshach Kennedy, a stud hurdler. Click the jump for more.

What do you think it’s going to be like being the defending 110-meter hurdles champion this year? What is it going to take to repeat?

“A lot of hard work. I have to go harder than I did last year, so I can make sure I win state again this year. Running as the champion, I have that X on my back and everybody is going to be gunning for me.”

How did you get started in the hurdles?

“I just liked it in middle school. I tried it out once and I was just good at it, so I stuck with it. I just kept running them and running them.”

What’s your philosophy on handling early season meets? Treat them like practice, or go as hard as you can?

“In the early season it’s really about building up your endurance and pretty much just working on that. When it’s later in the season, that’s when you start to work on speed and kicking it up in gears.”

What’s going on in your mind during a hurdles race?

“I’m thinking, ‘Stay on beat. And just don’t clip the hurdle.’ That’s the only thing on my mind, really. I just try to stay focused, I don’t really think about things too much.”

Is that because the hurdles have become almost second nature to you by now?

“Yeah, it’s gotten to that point.”

So what do you do in between football and track seasons?

“I just try to kind of relax and give my muscles a break. Try to let my muscles relax before track season.”

I know you and Northwest’s Andrew Etheridge go way back in hurdles to middle school. There’s a little bit of a rivalry there, isn’t there?

“We both respect each other and all. But yeah, there’s a little rivalry there, but we still respect each other. I think off the field, we’re cool. But when it comes to on the field, we both go at it.”

Quick Hitters

Football or Track: Both evenly. Whichever one I’m playing at the time.

College: Missouri Western on a football scholarship

TV show: Two And A Half Men

Movie you want to see: Clash Of The Titans

Goal at 110 Hurdles: Get into the 13’s this year