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Inside The Games: Andover Sub-State


There were a pair of great rivalries last night at the Class 5A sub-state hosted by Andover. We had the “Holy War”, Bishop Carroll and Kapaun Mount Carmel, and the cross-town rival, Andover and Andover Central.

It made for a wonderful atmosphere. The crowd for the Andover game was just outstanding and the fact the game was an epic made for a pretty complete evening.

Bishop Carroll and Andover Central were your winners last night and will be advancing to the Class 5A tournament later next week. For much more analysis and stats, click the jump.Bishop Carroll 51, Kapaun Mt. Carmel 43You have to give Bishop Carroll coach Lonnie Lollar his proper due, he knows his team. He is the first one to admit that Carroll will not beat anyone by out-running, out-shooting or out-quicking any team. To be quite blunt, there is not a terrible amount of natural basketball talent on this Bishop Carroll roster.

But basketball isn’t an individual game. It’s a team game, and there might not be a team that sticks to its team mentality than the Golden Eagles. Certainly, there is Blake Bell – a talent by himself, but he’s not as smooth of basketball player as he is a football player. And Brian Rohleder is the heart and soul of the team; a heady senior, whose fiery demeanor is valuable. But outside of that, it’s a complete team effort from Carroll.

Entering the game, I pegged Kapaun having a heavy advantage on the perimeter with its guards (Dyllon Knox, Keaton Lewis & Michael Martin) compared to Carroll (Chad Darland, Adam Sueper & Rohleder). I still think I am correct in giving the Crusaders that advantage, but Carroll did a superb job of neutralizing it with solid perimeter defense. Although Knox broke free and got his in the second half, Lewis and Martin combined for 0-of-8 shooting and 4 turnovers. That’s the difference in the game.

Kapaun fell victim to playing at the speed Bishop Carroll wanted it to. The tempo was almost at a stand-still – right up Carroll’s alley. While Kapaun often grew frustrated and forced contested shots, Carroll was perfectly content passing around the perimeter until it found a desirable shot. How else do you explain them winning with only taking 27 shots through the course of the game.

Neither team led by more than four points, until Carroll cracked open a 33-27 lead with 6:41 left in the game. Obviously, points were at a premium and when Kapaun came up empty-handed a few possessions in a row, Carroll was able to start running clock. Suddenly, the 6-point lead seemed insurmountable for Kapaun.

The Crusaders still could have made things interesting, but Mesfin Small and Knox combined to shoot 5 of 12 from the free throw line in the second half. It was a disappointing finish to the season for Kapaun. Nothing was falling from outside (3 of 14) and no one was rebounding (Carroll won that category 27-18). Tough day all-around.

While Carroll will enjoy its accomplishment, does anyone really expect them to challenge Bishop Miege in the first round of the Class 5A tournament? Nonetheless, Lollar should be commended for this job of getting this team to state and Bell proved that by playing this season, he was making the right decision.


(23) Dyllon Knox*7-100-03-717011232

(14) Keaton Lewis0-70-40-00000113

(45) Michael Martin*0-10-00-00101011

(24) Mesfin Small*3-40-03-89224112

(30) Michael Reynolds*1-10-00-02134003

(21) Chris Laveist2-61-31-26101210

(44) Taylor Floyd1-10-01-13011002

(32) Trayte Boswell2-62-60-06101001

(22) Jeff Knott0-10-00-00000111

(10) DeVante’ Washington0-10-10-00000000

(40) Austin Griffth0-00-00-00011000



Field Goal %1st H6-1442.9%2nd H10-2441.7%Game16-3842.1%

Three Point %1st H1-333.3%2nd H2-1118.2%Game3-1421.4%

Free Throw %1st H3-560.0%2nd H5-1338.5%Game8-1844.4%


(10) Chad Darland*0-10-11-21022023

(24) Adam Sueper*1-31-21-24101311

(33) Brian Rohleder*2-40-25-89145303

(21) Matt Slagle*3-30-01-27224013

(15) Blake Bell*6-101-14-617268104

(12) Tanner Palmore0-00-00-00000000

(25) Ben Dreiling1-40-06-68022010

(14) Nate Law0-00-00-00000101

(30) Tanner Gilmore1-10-00-02000001

(22) Alec Maly0-10-10-00000000

(23) Jordan Bieberle0-00-03-43101000



Field Goal %1st H4-1330.8%2nd H10-1471.4%Game14-2751.9%

Free Throw %1st H6-875.0%2nd H15-2268.2%Game21-3070.0%

Three Point %1st H1-520.0%2nd H1-250.0%Game2-728.6%


Kapaun (13-9)79101743

Carroll (11-11)69152151

Andover Central 47, Andover 46Let me just say this first off, the town of Andover should applaud itself for a great showing last night for this sub-state final. The atmosphere throughout the night was outstanding from both sides of the stands. It was a classic cross-town rivalry.

With that being said, the game didn’t live up to expectations. Because that would have been Central handily taking care of the Trojans. It matched the crowd’s energy and turned into one of the better high school basketball games I have seen. My particular favorite moment came when Croitoru dove to deflect the ball right after he stole it and even though the crowd went out of bounds to Central, the Andover crowd and student section absolutely exploded when the team showed some emotion after the play. It was such a startling turn of events that Central coach Jesse Herrmann was forced to call a timeout to stifle the noise.

As far as the game goes, I was continually surprised by Andover. I was pretty high on Marshall Miller and Central entering the game, but I left even more impressed by the will of this Trojans’ team. Even after Central had smacked Andover twice during the regular season, the back-against-the-wall approach sparked something for Andover in front of its home crowd.

I thought Central was starting to run away with the game when it took a 17-10 lead in the second quarter, but Andover ended the quarter on a 13-3 run to take the lead. I was stunned. Surely, the Jaguars would recover and distance themselves in the third quarter. Wrong again. Andover stretched its lead to 37-31 at one point, but the Jaguars scored the last nine points of the quarter to take a 40-37 lead into the fourth quarter.

That was it, I thought, for sure. But whenever Andover needed to keep its head above water, Thomas Jobe was there to hit a big shot. Dallas Driver and Kyle Malone also hit critical shots to keep Andover alive. Points were at a premium in the fourth quarter, so when Andover grabbed a 44-42 lead with 3:52 left and got the ball back, it’s understandable why it started running clock. But it was a classic example of playing not to lose, rather than playing to win.

I understand the reasoning of wanting to limit the possessions  of Andover Central down the stretch; I just think the Trojans began this process a few minutes too early. Sure, they ran off plenty of time, but look at their offense once they took the lead: They took only one shot (it was blocked) and turned the ball over 6 times before Randall Vautravers tied the score at 44 with 42 seconds remaining.

Here’s when I figured Andover would sit and hold the ball for the last shot of the game and at worst, go into overtime. But Jobe drove and continued down the lane and forced a shot that missed and Vautravers was fouled on the rebound. The senior made both of the free throws for a Central 46-44 lead with 23 seconds left in the game. But Andover came back down and Jobe drove once again, this time pulling up for a mid-range jumper that was pure to tie the score with 8 seconds left.

Central inbounded the ball to Chris McWhorter, who pushed it and found Miller at the three-point line with three seconds left. He drove to his right and there didn’t appear to be much contact between him and Andover’s Eric Wreath, but the foul was called with three-tenths of a second remaining on the clock. Miller to the line with two chances to win the game. Game over, right? Not exactly. Let’s rewind.

Miller had plenty of chances to seal the deal for the Jaguars in this game. He stole a pass and wanted to dunk, but changed his mind in the air and botched an open lay-up that would have tied the score. With 59 seconds left, he missed the front-end of a 1-and-1 free throw that would have tied the score. And then, with 0:00.3 left on the clock, Miller missed the first free throw. Yes, Marshall Miller, the star of Andover Central, appeared to be letting several opportunities slip away.

But as I wrote about in my story, Miller overcame a rare bit of adversity for him and sank the second one for the win.

It seemed unfair to the Andover kids. The Trojans had played a near-perfect game and had lost to a sub-par effort from Andover Central. But the difference in the game came in the final four minutes when Andover shifted its approach to playing with the lead. It’s a shame someone had to lose the game, but it made for a very entertaining night, indeed.



(3) Jack Gentry*0-40-30-10000011

(10) Mark Anderson3-72-50-08213202

(23) Randall Vautravers*1-20-03-552810102

(15) Marshall Miller*6-112-22-516303141

(44) Boston Stiverson*3-70-02-38235112

(33) Adam Wilks0-10-01-21112002

(12) Jack Trembley0-00-00-00000002

(5) Chris McWhorter3-62-51-39112021



Field Goal %1st H8-1844.4%2nd H8-2040.0%Game16-3842.1%

Three Point %1st H3-837.5%2nd H3-742.3%Game6-1540.0%

Free Throw %1st H1-425.0%2nd H8-1553.3%Game9-1947.4%


(3) Dallas Driver*3-72-40-08123223

(20) Thomas Jobe*6-143-40-015044315

(21) Alex Tyler*0-30-22-22011102

(32) Kyle Malone*5-90-01-311134004

(43) Eric Wreath*2-20-00-04202000

(11) Trenton Garman0-20-20-00022110

(15) Landon Oberg2-20-00-04213100

(5) Ben Croitoru1-20-00-02000010



Field Goal %1st H10-2343.5%2nd H9-1850.0%Game19-4146.3%

Three Point %1st H3-837.5%2nd H2-450.0%Game5-1241.7%

Free Throw %1st H0-000.0%2nd H3-560.0%Game3-560.0%


Andover Central (20-2)12820747

Andover (11-11)71614946