Varsity Kansas

Tonight's sub-state games (3-5)

by joanna — I am chatting live tonight from 11 p.m.-midnight on the blog. So make sure you stop by.

6 p.m. — The crowd helped the anthem singer finish when he forgot the words. Funny, yet I feel bad for him.

Less than a minute in and there’s a “terrible call” from the fans. Consider me laughing.

5:25 p.m. – I’m out at South where I’m about to watch one of the more evenly matched games of any sub-state finals. It’s Maize (15-6) against Northwest (15-6) with the added intrigue of Maize coach Jerrod Handy having coached Northwest last year.

Should be a good one. Lots of talented athletes out there on the floor tonight.

Feel free to use this as a place to talk about your team, games you saw, etc.