Varsity Kansas

Sub-state finals (3-5)

We’ve got our first sub-state finals with 6A girls and 5A boys. I’ll be headed to South high where Maize will play Northwest in what has to be the most intriguing game. Honestly, can anything rival this?

Maize has a turnaround season under new coach Jerrod  Handy and Northwest is having a strong season, as expected — and was coached by Handy last season? That’s just crazy. Both are deserving of going to state.

In 5A boys, Carroll and Kapaun meet for the third time and Andover Central and Andover meet for the third time — at Andover. Love rivalries and I love them even more this time of year. Another rivalry — Hutch at McPherson. In 4A semis, check out Rose Hill and Augusta, Circle and Trinity.

What games are can’t-miss? Where will you be? Is there a better time of year than this?