Varsity Kansas

Class 6A wrestling

4:55 — All right, let me look around. I’m in a beautiful spot, overlooking the entire arena. It’si gorgeous. It really is. It’s so bright and clear and not dingy at all (a la Kansas Coliseum!). There’s a really nice crowd here, and it’s a great atmosphere as always.

The parking didn’t seem to be bad. We walked over from The Eagle, and there were plenty of spots there for fans to have and it only took about 5 minutes.

I’ve seen so many people here already. People that I love seeing. Former East AD Dick Schumacher, City League athletic directors, including Bill Faflick, who has already been a huge help. Josh Wells, an announcer who is just too cool. I love following him on Twitter.

4:45 p.m. — Sorry for the lateness of this, folks, but let me tell you, there were some glitches for me. No need to get into them, we’re all good.

The matches going on right now are for those desperate to stay alive. Lose in this round, go home. But after that we’ll have the semifinals.

Here are the Class 6A semifinalists from our area:

103 — Conner Neal, Heights vs. Anthony Calderon, Garden City

In the other semi: Kaleb Bonilla, Goddard vs. Chandler Gordon, SM Northwest

112 — Dalton Miller, Campus, vs. Isaac Ruiz, Junction City

119 — Colby Witten, Maize vs. Tre Humphrey, SM South

In the other semi: Cody Beasley, Campus vs. Lincoln Lemon, Goddard

125 — Devin Webber, Wichita South vs. Heights’ Daniel Deshazer

130 — Chase Locke, Maize vs. Mitchell Belle, Goddard

135 — Zack Tanenbaum, BV North vs. Trever Cox, Maize

In the other semi: Ulyesses Deshazer, Wichita Heights vs. Braxton Medina, Garden City

140 — Trey Houlden, Goddard vs. Andrew Jones, SM North

In the other semi: Bradley Little, Derby vs. Jacob Hoopes, BV North

145 — Cody Shavlik, Derby vs. Dawson Elliott, Goddard

152 — Vontez Long, Derby vs. Dillon Charland, Junction City

160 — Hunter Jameson, Wichita Heights vs. W. South’s D.J. Collins

171 — Matt Reed, Heights vs. Parker Madl, Blue Valley

189 — Alex Chaparro, Wichita Southeast vs. Jace Banner, Dodge City

In the other semi: Dalton Beard, Goddard vs. Cameron Brandon, Wichita South

215 — W. Northwest’s Kyle Caylor vs. Jake Carroll, Olathe North

In the other semi: Josh Hicks, Goddard vs. Nick Pearch, Blue Valley

285 — W. Northwest’s Trey Page vs. Xavier Fisher, Manhattan