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Inside The Games: Heights sweeps Carroll

By Taylor Eldridge

To quickly recap, both of these games were pretty similar. In both games, Carroll led at halftime (girls 29-25, boys 21-19). And in both games, Heights pulled away with strong second halves to win both games (girls 64-46, boys 54-33).

Perry Ellis finished with 24 points, 7 rebounds and two pretty sweet alley-oops. Kamisha Richard and Jhasmin Bowen combined for 37 with Wichita State women’s basketball coach Jody Adams and assistant Kristy Guffey in attendance.

Click the jump for more in-depth analysis and discussion questions.Girls Game: Heights 64, Bishop Carroll 46Can any team in the City League knock Heights off?I don’t think so. And that’s not so much a testament that the City League is down this year, as how good the Falcons are this year. Few can handle both Kamisha Richard and Jhasmin Bowen. Taylor Chandler is a great motor for this team and Tahlia Pope and Allegria Chisom are better than just complimentary players. Ashlee Ivy and Mary Sims off the bench give coach Kip Pulliam probably the best seven-man rotation in the state. I can’t say for sure since I haven’t seen the northwest play, but these girls are legit.

Bishop Carroll is the second best team in the City League and look at what Heights did. I thought Carroll did an outstanding job of making the most of its opportunities. Heights forced 24 turnovers in the first half, but its half-court trapping zone gave Carroll open shots and it converted (10 of 16). Offensively, Heights is still a work-in-process when it has to play in the halfcourt. But the thing is, Heights doesn’t have to play in the half-court very often thanks to its defense. I like the defensive intensity of

Heights was too passive on the boards in the first half, losing the battle 18-9. In the third quarter alone, Heights grabbed 10 offensive rebounds and out-rebounded Carroll 14-5 and forced 12 more turnovers. The Falcons are a championship-caliber team right now defensively. As I said earlier, Heights will have to, at some point, develop some sort of consistency in the halfcourt offense. Chandler is a solid ball handler and is effective driving. Richard doesn’t score much with her back to the basket like her frontcourt mate Bowen does, but her athleticism in the high post is unmatched. One of those three options are usually hitting and if two or more are, then I think Heights is the favorite right now to win the state title.

Can you think of a reason why Heights shouldn’t be the favorite in 6A?

Is this the best defensive team under coach Kip Pulliam?

Is Bishop Carroll rebuilding or re-loading?How can you argue with Carroll’s 7-0 start to the season before last night’s loss to Heights? Carroll lost some great players from last season’s team and is unquestionably breaking in some new players, even though four of the five starters are seniors. Any team coached by Don Racine will be competitive, but are the Eagles rebuilding or reloading?

It’s difficult to say. I don’t think it’s shocking to say there are few teams in the City League that will simulate state-level competition. Outside of Heights, I would maybe say Northwest. But it’s like that every year for Carroll, it doesn’t know how good it is really until it competes at state. Now I will say this, this year’s team doesn’t have a go-to scorer like team’s of year’s past. That could be what holds Carroll back late in the season.

Kathleen Duling and Nicole Walden impressed me by never backing down against the Heights’ defense and staying aggressive. That’s hard to do, when you have two girls sprinting at you constantly. Duling and Walden are better as complimentary players, but this team will have to develop that go-to scorer as the season goes along. Cathy Brugman is an interesting X-Factor at the forward position. I was intrigued how she would do against Heights, but she was fairly timid in a 5-point, 10-turnover performance. Of those three, I think one of them can step up. Now, it’s just a matter of when.

The player I was most impressed with coming away from the game from Carroll was Emmie Rech. She was the shortest player on the court at 5-foot-3, but she was the most aggressive on Carroll. She never gave in, knew to not hold the ball against the trap and put Carroll in good position to score every time she touched the ball. She finished with 4 points, 5 rebounds and 5 steals, but her impact went beyond the box score.

Obviously, 42 turnovers is not going to get it done for Carroll. That had to have been frustrating to coach Don Racine (who politely declined a post-game interview). Julie Sooter is another solid post, but the bench is a bit thin this year. Sarah Balderas, Nicole Noetzel, Hannah Lubbers, Angie Linnebur and Jana Reichenberger have been part of Racine’s rotation this season and can get the job done against the average City League team. But when Carroll gets to the games that matter, they will have to step up and give the starters a breather.

If Carroll is rebuilding with a 7-1 record, then Racine is a lucky man when that’s considered a rebuilding season. I don’t think so, though. True, Carroll isn’t as talented as it was last year. But the Eagles are still an above-average team and will make some noise in March. To answer the question then, Carroll is re-loading.

What do you think? Rebuilding or re-loading?

Who do you think will step into the lead scoring role in crunch time?


(11) Emmie Rech*2-40-10-04235156

(33) Kathleen Duling*4-82-63-513011039

(34) Cathy Brugman*1-51-42-252462010

(44) Nicole Walden*3-70-02-28123314

(35) Julie Sooter*4-80-00-18224011

(20) Sarah Balderas2-30-00-04000022

(13) Nicole Noetzel0-00-02-22011004

(12) Hannah Lubbers1-10-00-02213116

(21) Angie Linnebur0-00-00-00011000

(45) Jana Reichenberger0-00-00-00011000



Total FG%1st H10-1663%2nd H7-2035%Game17-3647%

3PT FG%1st H3-650%2nd H0-50%Game3-1127%

FT%1st H6-786%2nd H3-560%Game9-1275%


(3) Taylor Chandler*4-111-20-09134043

(11) Tahlia Pope*0-90-32-42224466

(24) Allegria Chisom*2-61-30-05011163

(34) Kamisha Richard*8-150-05-621516123

(42) Jhasmin Bowen*5-110-06-716729011

(22) Ashlee Ivy1-10-00-02011012

(23) Mary Sims3-50-12-28000224

(20) Katie Palmer0-00-00-00000001

(10) Jada Lynch0-00-00-00011013

(21) Makayla Harding0-00-00-00000000

(44) Brianna Robinson0-00-00-00011000

(15) Jharian Bowen0-10-00-00000000



Total FG%1st H9-2733%2nd H14-3244%Game23-5939%

3PT FG%1st H1-425%2nd H1-520%Game2-922%

FT%1st H6-967%2nd H10-1283%Game16-2176%

Points In Paint: B. Carroll 20, Heights 40

Points in Transition: Bishop Carroll 2, Heights 18

Points Off Turnovers: B. Carroll 19, Heights 43


Bishop Carroll141541346


Boys Game: Heights 54, Bishop Carroll 33Is Perry Ellis starting to become more assertive?Coming off his monster career-high game last week, I was excited to see what Perry Ellis could do last night. In the first half, Carroll’s Blake Bell’s defense combined with Carroll’s controlling tempo kept Ellis in check to the tune of 9 points, 3 rebounds. Then he went off in the second half.

I’ve seen him play, I think, five times now in his career. This is the most impressed I’ve been with him coming away from a game. Ellis has always, to me, played passively, which is fine. Almost better than him being a ball hog. But sometimes I think he let the game come to him a little bit too slowly. Tonight was the perfect happy-medium I think.

Ellis was a presence on the boards (7 rebounds), knew when to take control of the offense (game-high 24 points) and still let the game come to him. Carroll played zone for most of the game with Bell in the middle matched up with Ellis for the most part. When Ellis caught the ball with his back to the basket, he was most effective showing off some nice post moves. He also threw down two alley-oops from Evan Wessell, the second one was pretty impressive. The ball was already past the rim with Ellis still on the floor, but he got off fast and threw it down one-handed. In a game where Carroll made it a point to slow the game down, 24 points is pretty impressive.

Also, another point I took away was Heights’ reliance on its starters. E.J. Dobbins, Dreamius Smith, Wessel, Terrence Moore and Ellis combined to score all 54 points. Coach Joe Auer uses a pretty solid 8-man rotation with Keith Riley, Zerrance Brickhouse and Jay Bradley. But none of them are really scorers, all of them are defensive-minded players. The Falcons are certainly an elite defensive team, but will the lack of scoring from the bench become a factor down the road?

So what do you think, is Ellis starting to mature into that star player?

Is Heights’ dependence on its starters (no bench points) a concern heading down the stretch?When will the shots start falling for Carroll?You have to start wonder. You know Carroll is a better shooting team than 16 percent (8 of 49). But the Eagles haven’t had that one game where everything is hitting for them. Right now, at 3-5, there is still time for the Eagles to right the ship. I would guesstimate about 12 shots were either blocked or altered, but Carroll had plenty of open jumpers that just did not go down. Obviously, 12 points in a half is not going to win any City League games.

The best shooter on the team appears to be reserve Jordan Bieberle, who hit two three-pointers in the game. I’ve said before that this team has two plus offensive attackers in Brian Rohleder and Bell, but then it drops off to who scores in that third slot.  Combined, the other seven Eagles who took shots were 2-of-22. Ugh. Now credit that to Heights’ defense, but things have to get better for Carroll.

I think things will start to even out as the season progresses. Carroll doesn’t have  a sharp-shooter amongst its starters, but I think between Chad Darland, Nate Law and Rohleder, they can keep defenses honest. Coach Lonnie Lollar has a nice rotation of bigs with Matt Slagle, Tanner Gilmore, Ben Dreiling, Jarred Maxwell and Bell. I’ve said before that I think, right now, Carroll is the 7th best team in the City League. But after Heights and East, the race is wide open.

Where does Carroll rank in the City League?

When will the Eagles start making shots? Or do they need to prepare for a long season?


(3) Chad Darland*0-50-10-00011214

(33) Brian Rohleder*5-150-22-212000122

(31) Matt Slagle*0-50-00-00448001

(42) Tanner Gilmore*0-60-10-00145113

(15) Blake Bell*5-120-01-311325001

(25) Ben Dreiling0-10-02-22145000

(5) Nate Law0-10-00-00000101

(32) Jarred Maxwell0-00-00-00000000

(23) Jordan Bieberle2-32-32-28011002

(22) Jordan Torres0-10-10-00000000

(20) Sean Reazin0-00-00-00000000



Total FG%1st H4-2914%2nd H4-2020%Game8-4916%

3PT FG%1st H1-425%2nd H1-425%Game2-825%

FT%1st H4-580%2nd H3-475%Game7-978%


(1) E.J. Dobbins*4-102-60-010044112

(5) Dreamius Smith*3-40-00-06123233

(3) Evan Wessel*2-81-30-25459341

(11) Terrence Moore*3-70-23-69358122

(34) Perry Ellis*9-130-16-824167111

(23) Keith Riley0-00-00-00011101

(40) Zerrance Brickhouse0-00-00-00000012

(20) Jay Bradley0-30-30-00011000

(22) Jalen Owens0-00-00-00000000

(25) Taylor Cross0-00-00-00000000

(12) Aaron Degraffenread0-00-00-00011000

(14) Taylor Countee0-00-00-00000000



Total FG%1st H7-2429%2nd H14-2167%Game21-4547%

3PT FG%1st H2-1217%2nd H1-333%Game3-1520%

FT%1st H3-743%2nd H6-967%Game9-1656%

Points In Paint: Bishop Carroll 16, Heights 34

Points in Transition: Bishop Carroll 0, Heights 16

Points Off Turnovers: Bishop Carroll 2, Heights 8


Bishop Carroll10116633