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VK Open discussion (1-12)

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I’d like to talk about parents. Should parents be involved? How involved? What’s the best-case scenario of how parents should handle their children and athletics?

I know some of you think parents shouldn’t coach their own kids — just in high school or ever?

Why should parents coach their own kids?

Any other topics regarding parents, let’s hear it.

My thoughts — I think parents are extremely important to the process. Parents who are involved generally raise kids who are conscientious, who work hard. But there is definitely a limit. Please do not live your child. It’s wonderful if your child is talented, enjoy it. Just don’t live through them.

It’s OK to cheer your own child, it’s not OK to rip your child’s teammates – - in the stands, at home. It’s not OK to rip your child’s coach — in the stands, at home.

Be a part of the school booster club, attend all the games, fund-raise.  Drive your kids to the millionth practice. All the while knowing that you are doing a good thing, that you are showing love to your child.

And I think it’s OK to wish that you didn’t have to take your kid to practice yet again at 5 a.m. But don’t call the coach and say your kid won’t be coming because you don’t want to give up.

Just my thoughts. What are yours?