Varsity Kansas

Inside The Game: Bishop Carroll 62, West 53

By Taylor Eldridge

Not much interesting things to take away from this game. Carroll either cannot, or did not want to, shoot from more than 5 feet away from the basket. BC scored 30 of its 62 points in the paints and 28 more of those came at the free throw line. So yeah, that leaves two jump shots left that Carroll made.

West made things interesting late, drawing to within 56-53 with 44 seconds left, but turnovers late killed them. Carroll wins and moves to 3-4 in the City League, while West drops to 0-6 in league play.

Click the jump to read about my thoughts on Carroll’s offense, the state of West and other fun facts from the game.What was up with Carroll’s offense?For starters, Carroll was a little banged up tonight. Coach Lonnie Lollar told me after the game that two in their top six were in street clothes. That left Carroll playing pretty much a 6-man rotation for the majority of the game.

Let’s not pretend, Carroll does not have much offense outside of Brian Rohleder and Blake Bell. Chad Darland and Nate Law are solid, but under-sized, guards and Matt Slagle and Tanner Gilmore are capable posts. But this team is going to have to rely heavily on Bell and Rohleder.

Tonight I could tell Carroll did not want to take any jump shots against West’s 2-3 zone. Even though the open jumper was there, Carroll passed it up usually to work the ball around until either: A) Bell got open, B) The defense put too much attention on Bell or C) Rohleder drove. Options A and C worked out, but B is still a work-in-progress as far as making the defense pay for that.

Bell can create his shot usually, all he needs is a good feed into the post and he can handle it from there. But against good teams, they will have the height and athleticism to collapse down on him. Can Carroll make teams pay from the outside? They will have to if they plan on making any noise in the City League. Right now, I would peg them as the seventh-best team in the City League with the potential of leap-frogging Southeast and Kapaun.The state of West basketballMy interview with West coach Phil Daignault after the game was kind of gloomy. Obviously he was frustrated after another great effort from his kids without a win. That’s the way it seems to always go, though, and Daignault pretty much said as much.

He is tired of taking away moral victories of great comebacks and never giving up, in place of real victories. I think Daignault was just a little frustrated with the finish yet again.

When Carroll took a 43-29 lead going into the fourth quarter, I thought the game was over. But West fought back, behind four fourth-quarter three-pointers, and got to within 56-53 with 44 seconds left. But mental mistakes once again cost the Pioneers. Down three, 54-51, West had the ball, but when inbounding the ball against no pressure, the inbounder stepped on the court before throwing it in and was called for a traveling violation. A charging call also swung momentum Carroll’s way and West was left wondering once again.

It’s not like they don’t have any talent. Jamez Jones is an exciting slasher and Jawan Scruggs and Dorian Flournoy (such a smooth, effortless release) can hit the three-ball. But I was most impressed with big man Daylin Thomas. He’s a very heads-up player and looks to make the assist before the shot. He finished with 12 points and 6 boards.

But it looks like West is on another frustrating year in the City League. Daignault was left wondering when the Pioneers will ever get a break in a close game. It’s an interesting thought. It does seem like things never go West High’s way. Hopefully though, things will start to look up for the Pioneers.Other tidbits from the gameThis was my first West High game this year, so I’m not sure if they do this every game but I was pretty impressed with the pre-game introductions. They cut out the lights before the team took the court and had two flashlights go over the court and then when the team came out the music came on. That was pretty cool.

Another highlight from the game came before it even started. (I think) West senior Joshua Johnson did a pretty amazing job singing the national anthem. I came away impressed, so kudos to him.


(3) Chad Darland*0-20-26-86011235

(5) Nate Law*2-20-01-25112111

(33) Brian Rohleder*5-80-08-918145234

(31) Matt Slagle*0-10-03-43088013

(15) Blake Bell10-200-07-727235005

(24) Adam Sueper0-10-00-00000001

(42) Tanner Gilmore0-10-03-43101010

(32) Jarred Maxwell0-00-00-00011000

(23) Jordan Bieberle0-00-00-00101000



Total FG%1st H10-1759%2nd H7-1839%Game17-3549%

3PT FG%1st H0-10%2nd H0-10%Game0-20%

FT%1st H13-1493%2nd H15-2075%Game28-3482%


(12) Dontrez Washington*1-20-00-02000031

(11) Travis Gantt*1-30-10-22022121

(22) Jamez Jones*4-100-21-19044106

(44) Jawan Scruggs*2-82-72-38011152

(50) Daylin Thomas*4-70-04-712336332

(10) Adrian Rivera0-00-00-00000002

(31) Khalfani Issa0-10-00-00101000

(33) Dallas Guy1-20-01-23123012

(25) Damon Eatmon1-10-01-43000102

(5) Dorian Flournoy4-73-60-011101201

(3) Arnez Jones1-11-10-03000101



Total FG%1st H9-1947%2nd H10-2344%Game19-4245%

3PT FG%1st H2-729%2nd H4-1040%Game6-1735%

FT%1st H2-1020%2nd H7-978%Game9-1947%