Varsity Kansas

Campus' Beasley wins 4-OT match at Carroll Invitational

With cuts around both swollen eyes, Campus wrestler Cody Beasley threw his arms in the air after his match. Not only because he won, but that it was finally over, too.

Beasley survived a four-overtime match with Salina South's Blaine Smith, winning the 119-pound weight class at the Bishop Carroll Invitational on Saturday.

After coming from behind to tie it in regulation with six seconds left, Beasley rode out Smith for 30 seconds in the last overtime, just before Smith escaped after time had expired.

"It was intense, Blaine always gives me a good fight and I just stuck in there and gave it my all," Beasley said. "When I was hanging on to him, I was just thinking about how hard I worked to get here and it paying off."

Beasley was the second Campus wrestler to win, following Dalton Miller at 112.

Andale took the team title home, placing seven wrestlers. Levi Eck, Jake Hattabaugh and BJ Finney won individual titles for Andale.

"Everybody wrestled really well today, scoring points not just by wins but with pins too. We had seven places and four finalists, it's hard to beat that," Andale coach Brad Lies said.

Northwest, which finished fourth, had Kyle Caylor stay undefeated and win 215 by pinning Newton's David Garcia in the third round.

The Grizzlies’ Trey Page finished second, although it looked like Page had a chance at defeating Finney, the No. 1-ranked wrestler at 285 in Class 4A.

"When Finney locked hands, we thought we had a chance to win that match," Northwest coach Eric Prichard said. "I'm glad we responded well after we looked so bad Thursday night against a good Heights team. We responded well and finished above them at this tournament, that was our goal today."

Team results

1. Andale 137.5; 2. Salina South 123.5; 3. Newton 110; 4. W. Northwest 106.5, 5. Dodge City 103.5; 6. W. Heights 97; 7. Bishop Carroll 90; 8. W. South 88; 9. Campus 80; 10. Pratt 64; 11. Winfield 60; 12. Halstead 50’ 13. Mulvane 46; 14. Team X 40; 15. W. Independent 33; 16. W. North 15; 17. Kansas City Schlagle 6.

Individual results

103 — 1. Javier Vieyra, Salina South, def. Jared Supes, Newton, 15-3. 3. Conner Neal, W. Heights, def. Clay Kear, Andale, 2-0.

112 — 1. Dalton Miller, Campus, def. Michael Lindlar, W. Northwest, 16-0. 3. Quinton Harrison, Newton, def. Anthony Monarez, Team X, 8-0.

119 — 1. Cody Beasley, Campus, def. Blaine Smith, Salina South, 7-6. 3. Garrett McEachern, Newton, pinned Rashaad Newhouse, W. South, 1:27.

125 — 1. Levi Eck, Andale, def. Matt Ziegler, Bishop Carroll, 9-0. 3. Riley Soward, Halstead, def. Jason Harper, Campus, 3-2.

130 — 1. Miles Johns, Newton, def. Alex Thibault, Halstead, 8-3. 3. Steven Plott, Salina South, def. Kyle Armstrong, Andale, forfeith.

135 — 1. Ulysses Deshazer, W. Heights, def. Kasey Lien, Salina South, 3-0. 3. Travis Koch, Bishop Carroll, def. Ben Thoman, Andale, forfeith.

140 — 1. Vance Oliver, Winfield, def. Trent Hoover, Salina South, 7-5. 3. Hunter Edwards, Dodge City, pinned Alix Murphy, Campus, 3:59.

145 — 1. Justin Blundell, Dodge City, def. Colton Duhr, Andale 6-4. 3. Chase Lewoneowski, W. Independent, def. Justin Lampe, Team X, forfeit.

152 — Jason Seibel, Salina South, def. Dylan Penka, Bishop Carroll, 2-1. 3. Sean Gaither, W. Northwest, pinned, Jacob Eggers, Dodge City, 4:54.

160 — 1. Jake Hattabaugh, Andale, def. Nic Thibault, Halstead, 7-4. 3. D.J. Collins, W. South, def. Austin Baird, Pratt, 5-2.

171 — 1. Matt Reed, W. Heights, def. Taylor Baird, Pratt, 5-2. 3. Devon Keith, Bishop Carroll, def. Kailan Jones, W. South, forfeit.

189 — 1. Jace Banner, Dodge City, def. Chase Kreutzer, Pratt, 8-0. 3. Dylan Hagerman, Mulvane, def. Cameron Brandon, W. South, 4-2.

215 — 1. Kyle Caylor, W. Northwest, pinned David Garcia, Newton, 4:40. 3. Justin Reynolds, W. Heights, def. Cyruss Tasker, Winfield, 21-12.

285 — 1. BJ Finney, Andale, def. Trey Page, W. Northwest, 2-1. 3. Jesse Trent, Dodge City, pinned, Johnny Burke, Campus, 2:48