Varsity Kansas

XC: Weekend Update

By Taylor Eldridge

The biggest day of the season – to this point – left us with plenty of surprise, feel-good stories and some intrigue. I think it’s pretty safe to say that the Wichita area is improving vastly and it represented very well against the northeastern and western sides of Kansas.

I think the talent level in Wichita right now is at an all-time high. But enough about all this bubbly feel-good stuff, let’s go team-by-team and review what happened from Saturday.

Class 6A: Dodge City RegionalMy Predictions: 12 of 20 (60%) individuals within one spot right; 13 of 16 (81%) teams’ finish exactly right.


Things go according to plan for the Colts. A first place finish in the team race on the boys’ side was expected and Campus held off a very determined Northwest team pretty easily. Bryant Keirns (17:09) appears to finally be healthy now, so he’s back to being the team’s No. 1 runner. Brock Nooney (17:23) isn’t far behind and with Nick Ward (17:51) starting to come on strong, the team is looking good. Chris Kelly (18:10) and Cooper Clark (18:15) provide solid 4-5 runners. The depth is there too with Jeremy Shear (18:41) there if needed and then Kyle Smith (19:36). The girls’ team wasn’t able to contend for a team spot, finishing sixth, but did put Ashley Krier (18:15) through to the state meet. Briana Binger (18:37), Bailey Clark (18:59), Alyson Krier (19:21) and Aubrey Winkler (19:37) were the others. They’re all back next year, so expect Binger and Winkler to be around state contention  next year.


The boys team finished fourth as a team, a good ways back from Maize. Not necessarily a disappointment, since the team did send Brandon Massey (18:26) and Lincoln Lemon (18:48) through to the state meet. It looks like Lemon barely edged teammate Zach Hambrick (18:49) for the last spot to go to state. That must have been tough. Clayton Lorg (19:17) and Caleb Davis (19:21) rounded out the team score and the team also had Tanner Barker (19:48) and Colton Berblinger (20:49). After pulling a great win last week, the team has to be disappointed in its second place finish to Maize this week. The team was without its 4 runner, but still they are going to state. Megan Ballinger (16:18) was a little bit off Eichkorn from North, but still went 3-4 with teammate Courtney Maddux (16:50). Julie Randall (17:24) did her part with a top-10 finish and 4-5 runners Meredith Skidmore (18:22) and Tiana Hacker (18:27) ran well, just not enough to edge a fully healthy Maize team. Other runners for Goddard were Briana Pina (18:42) and April Rayer (19:11).


Finally, Maize was healthy and finally, it showed its potential. First off, Ryan Hopkins (17:27), who missed last week’s league race, came back and ran wonderfully to place fourth. Heck of a race from him. Eli Ybarra (18:34) and Dan Van Sickle (18:35) were their usual solid selves and the next pack of Landon Kilgore (19:03) and Brooks Rummery (19:04) were good enough to get the team to state. Kris Jacobsen (19:23) and Richard Nance (19:32) were the other two for the boys. This has to be a great feeling for the girls’ team to bring home a Regional title after all the injuries and sickness they have overcome this season. Dani Walker (15:28) won, as expected, and Mary Kranick (17:11) and Najai Hill (17:29) turned in expected top-10 performances. But a newcomer, freshman Alex Johnson (18:18), turned out to be the X-Factor. She finished fourth in a tie with fifth runenr Kelsy McNay (18:18). That’s the difference between a Regional title and a second place finish. What a great showing by the team, which also had Sarah Allen (18:47) and Corinne Penner (19:25) running.


It was assumed the team wouldn’t be able to compete for a team spot, but I know they were hoping to get Brandon Dorion (18:45) in. By my calculations, it looked like he’s in. That’s such a great accomplishment for him, being only a sophomore. Other runners for the boys’ team were William Kindel (20:05), Alex Whitworth (20:18), Nick Bright (20:30), Luis Sosa (21:27) and Alex Prine (22:10). The girls’ team was six points away from Dodge City in nabbing the last team spot to go to state. That has to be frustrating, but the team still gets Amber Eichkorn (16:05), Halle Suderman (17:47) and Sidney Kniep (18:02) to state. Eichkorn edged Ballinger, so that was a nice little personal victory against a pretty comparable opponent. Suderman and Kniep both are in the top-12, so that was nice. The other runners for the team were Sierra Oliver (18:29), Jessamyn Ferguson (18:30), Quinn Balliet (19:25), Hannah Dykstra (20:39).


What a great race from the boys’ team. Through all the sickness and injuries, the team fought on and the second place finish felt pretty good. Robbie Martinez-Garcia (17:06) won the race, besting the two competitors from Campus. Andrew Johnson (17:55) ran lights out and finished seventh. Daniel Herbert (18:13) chipped in another top-10 performance. Kevin Crafton (18:43) and Max Surmeier (18:52) were spectacular once again and the depth is definitely there with Michael McCormick (19:07) and Drake Brown (19:31) right there as well. The girls’ team ran spectacularly well too. It finished fifth, but ran better than anyone could have expected. Meredith Short (18:09) literally came out of nowhere and is now going to the state meet. That’s always great to see. Others for the girls’ were Shannon Yahn (18:31), Emily Loehner (18:41), Tianna Dilliehunt (18:57), Paige Welborn (18:59), Rachael Schoonover (19:27) and Jill McPherron (21:02).


The boys’ team had a hope in freshman John Castellaw to qualify for the state meet, but he barely missed out by seven seconds. That’s too bad, but he’s got three more years. Others on the boys’ team were Jeremy Collins (20:03), Devon Tiger (20:09) and Garrett French (22:59). Not much from the girls’ team, so I’ll just give you the times: Kyrstin Cunningham (19:50), Kelsie Gilchrist (20:05), Victoria Reppond (20:40), Cecilia Miranda (22:51) and Maria Ponce (23:24).Class 6A: East RegionalMy Predictions: 13 of 20 (65%) individuals within one spot right; 10 of 16 (63%) teams’ finish exactly right.


The benefactor of Manhatta’s fallout was Derby, who sneaked into that third spot. Neil Metler (16:09) proved Wichita matches up well with its northern rivals, as he edges the Rural trio pretty handily. Freshman Brandon Lewis (17:36) really ran strong, and he wasn’t alone. Vontez Long (17:47), Darren Dawdy (18:05) and Craig Compton (18:12) ran outstanding and the Panthers really ran well. They were beat out by East by two points, but it didn’t matter. Other runners were Jake Nugen (18:43) and Max Runyon (19:21). To show just how tough this Regional, Derby – the defending Class 6A champion – placed third. Amber Green (15:17) edged teammate Emily Hornbeck (15:20) for second place to Clifton. That was somewhat surprising. Valerie Nielson (16:35), Lindsay Cuadra (16:50), Brenna Kleman (16:57) and Claire Cox (17:01) packed well and the team score was almost enough to beat Manhattan. Kaitlan Kleman (18:25) was the other runner. Look for the girls’ team to really turn it on again at state.


After somewhat of a disappointing race from the boys’ team last week, it looks like it rebounded this week. The team barely edged Derby by two points. Will Marsh (16:55) kept up with teammate Aaron Heil (16:58) and those two really ran well. Jesse Parker (17:46), Jacob Seamster-Davis (17:48) and David Perales (18:23) were the next three for the Aces. They have the ability to pack well, so that bodes well for its state hopes. Other two runners were Tanner Follis (18:33) and Quentin Brown (18:35). It’s a shame the girls’ team won’t be able to run at state, but that’s just how tough this Regional was. Carlin Greene (16:23) and Cate Dunn (16:27) will be representing East at state though. The next pack in was Kristen Lumpkins (17:09), Andrea Livingston (17:10) and Savana Cross (17:11). The other two were Abby Amstutz (17:59) and Aubrey Smading (18:28).


The boys’ team was hoping to get Brandon Deck (17:58) into the state meet, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to get in. Other times for the boys’ team were: Larry Kelley (19:16), Jeff Welch (19:20), Josh Christie (19:36), Mitchell Lawrence (20:12) and Chris Williams (20:59). The girls’ team had similar hopes in Alyssa Myers (16:28), only a freshman, but she was edged out by East’s Dunn by a second for the last spot. Others for the girls’ team were: Ashea Hanna (16:44), Laura Broadfoot (17:46), Cortney Deneen (18:30), Guro Olauseen (18:48), Genai George (18:53) and Haley Geer (19:04).


It was a question how senior Skylar Gutierrez would rebound after dropping out of last week’s league race. He answered it by running in the top-10 (17:26) and advancing to the state meet. That’s great for him. The other runners for the boys’ team were Marcus Greene (18:28), Sterlin Bloomfield (18:39), Austyn Noblitt (18:41), Henry Reyes (19:35), Camron Davis (19:41) and D.J. Squires (20:04). Talk about a surprise, I don’t know where Brittany Mason (16:23) came from, but now she’s in the state meet. What a great surprise story for the Buffs. Other runners for the girls’ team were: Sarah Masood (16:45), Aquila Allen (17:06), Kristin Mallon (18:04), Gabi Mendez (18:05), Jennifer Dome (18:07) and Ellie Meeth (19:08).Class 5A: Emporia RegionalMy Predictions: 13 of 20 (65%) individuals within one spot right; 11 of 16 (69%) teams’ finish exactly right.


Probably the expected finish for the boys’ team. Right behind Central has been where they have been all season and that’s where they finished on Saturday in sixth. Chris White (18:16) was the top finisher and from my count, was the fifth individual to qualify for state. That’s pretty impressive. I knew it was going to be close, so that was nice for him to run one of his better races of the season at the right time. Lane White (18:34) also impressed me with a great time and Michael Just (18:51) was top-25 as well. Others were Patrick Violette (19:10), Matthew DeKoning (19:24) and Patrick Loarger (20:55). The girls’ team also qualified one, which was a little more expected, in Laura Sellew (16:40). She ran a great race and barely edged Schaller at the end for the top-10 finish. I was impressed by Kaitlyn Phillips (17:41), it looked like she ran a great race. Besides that, the others were Allie Tozier (18:42), Patricia Ablah (20:14), Ashlee Hampton (21:12) and Breea Little (21:47).


I think the boys’ team was a little frustrated by its fifth place finish, though it was probably right around where it was pegged. I was really surprised by senior Travis Jones (17:44), he went man’s game in what could have been his final race and made sure he ran again with a 6th place finish and a trip to state. Joining him will be Andy Howell (17:45), who was much more expected in the top-10. Junior Eric Lightfoot (18:58) is the one who’s probably the most frustrated. He’s had such a great season, and then he cramped up right at the end of the race. That’s too bad.  Others on the team were: Cole Kretchmar (19:17), Grant Daigle (19:55) and Dylan Wheeler (20:18). I was interested in seeing how freshman Kenzie Wills would stack up in the girls’ race. She faired pretty well, running 16:17 for 5th place. She’s the only one going to state, though. Brooke Hansen (17:36) ran solidly, but wasn’t quite enough. Others were Hayley Flanigan (18:32), Alexis Lyman (18:33) and Hannah Sitz (19:46).


The boys’ team was probably a little shocked to be edged by Newton for second place. That was expected to be Emporia, but the Crusaders took care of them and qualified their team with a third place finish. Two big reasons were senior Tim Wescott (17:47) and sophomore Tony Baldessari (17:52) stepping up and delivering great races in pressure situation. Then the team packed well enough to get the job done with Cody Saunders (18:37), Matt Ayres (18:42) and Sam Breitenbach (18:45). That last name is a surprise, so that must have been a good race from Breitenbach. The depth is there too with Kory Glasgow (18:59) and Alex Lievens (19:03). Even more impressive was the girls’ team, which surprisingly edged McPherson for second place. Of course, Mackenzie Maki (14:55) won. No surprise there. Marie Schaller (16:41) was solid as usual. Then the team finally showed what it can do: Veronica Kolejakova (17:27), Bridgette Volliere (17:38), Megan Crawford (17:46), Katie Hand (17:56) and Melissa Davied (18:24) were all right there. Such an impressive race from those runners.


Regional title for boys’ team? Yessir. They are my sleeper team heading into state. I really like their lineup. Adam Porter (16:52) is a lock for the top. Morgan Peterson (17:30) and Caleb Porter (17:36) are above-average two and three runners. Nikolous Rempe (17:49) and Preston Mossman (18:31) are more than capable supporting pieces, as well. David Shorman (18:44) and Skyler Janda (18:54) were the others. Look for this team to make some noise this Saturday. The girls’ team is also going to state. Without really any top runner, Mac got it done on the strength of the team: Andrea Nowak (16:36), Emily Reese (16:38), Colleen O’Connor (17:34), Leigh Loving (18:04) and Myranda Miller (18:05). Kendra Reed (19:02) and Kayla Faust (19:07) also ran. This team is pretty young, so should be interested in seeing how they respond at state.


Talk about a surprise team, it had to be the boys’ team. Second place? Laban Lalouette (17:26) in second place? Wow. I know they probably had the potential to do that, but going in there was no indication it would happen. Just a great race from the team and impressive performances all the way around from Joel Gouvion (18:11), Austin Lettau (18:22), Dylan Koerner (18:48) and Dilan Winter (18:51). Jerek Shoemaker (19:05) and Cody Mick (19:34) also ran. As expected, the girls’ team brought home the regional trophy. Color me impressed with Shannon Ahlstedt (16:02), who finished first out of the trio of elite in Erin Loeffler (16:13), herself and Mallorie Coffman (16:34). Kelsi Langley (17:00), a freshman, came out of nowhere to provide the fourth score and Laci McCartney (17:01) was fifth. If Langley can run like that again, then they are going to contend at state. Others were Ardys Woodward (17:42) and Amy Kondziola (19:22).Class 5A: Bishop Carroll RegionalMy Predictions: 12 of 20 (60%) individuals within one spot right; 11 of 16 (69%) teams’ finish exactly right.


I’m not sure if the boys’ team were expecting to send anybody to state. Zach Shook (18:53) was the closest, but still is a little bit away. He’s only a sophomore, though. Others running were Wesley Brantley (19:24), Wesley Bland (19:52), John Seitz (19:55), Jeremy Gooch (21:26), John Rohr (21:28) and Caleb Gordon (22:12). The girls’ team was a little closer with Kelsie Mars (16:51) and Karlye Sturd (16:53). They ran pretty well and Mars is only a sophomore, so she has some potential. Others were Andrea Sweetwood (18:03), Caitlynn McVey (18:14), Drew Bennett (18:37), Ciara Shantz (19:09) and Kelcey O’Daniel (19:22).


The boys’ team was actually supposed to be taking it easy this past week. Well, if that is taking it easy then I’m excited to see what they will do at state. Yes, 7 in the top 15. I think their JV team maybe could have qualified for state. They are just really coming on. David Thor (16:43) and Cliff Kissling (16:50) were top-5 and then James Hampton (17:13) continued his late season surge towards the top. Gage Garcia (17:25) has been great consistency for the team and then Logan Sageser (17:39), Andy Schepis (17:41) and Spencer Bailly (18:14) all provide a solid fifth score. Sageser has really been coming on, as well. The girls’ team did just about the same exact thing – 7 in the top-15. Kaelyn Balch (14:47) and Anastasiya Menestrina (15:37) went 1-2. Balch was expected. Menestrina was a surprise finish, she’s really running well right now. Christian McCaulley (16:07), Brandy Tholstrup (16:22) and Kristen Sponsel (16:29) are usually a mix-and-match for the 3-5 scores. Natalie Englert (16:37) and Megan Walden (16:44) probably won’t be needed for a top-5 score, but they are going to play a role if Carroll is to win a state title.


The boys’ team was expected to be right around that bubble with Hays and Liberal. Turns out, they beat both. Cameron Sprague (16:27) ran a great race and left Munsch in his path. Chris Wise (17:21) has been such a great second runner all season and the team is getting great support from Seaver Williams (18:17), Tyler Williams (18:27) and Derek Mitchell (18:48). Shane Goetz (20:10) and Steven Banz (21:24) were the other two runners. I had the girls’ team pegged about fourth in the team race. They finished second, so they have to be excited. The big surprise came from freshman Shalonda Maple (16:26) and her top-10 performance. Madison Schrock (16:32), Rachel Seitz (16:34) and Maggie Heck (16:49) packed well near the top and Erin Allender (17:25) went low enough to get the team in. The other two were Jeni Page (19:01) and Kylie Sieple (20:41).


The boys’ team was hoping Jonathan Downs (19:18) would be close to qualifying to state. He improved over the course of the season and that’s all you can ask for. Carlton Morton (19:56) and Scott Geiger (20;31) were next and then it was Khalfani Issa (21:20), Michel Anderson (21:40), Justus Kauffman (22:29) and Chris Howard (24:44). The girls’ team top runner was Wendi Harris (18:26), as she has been all season. The others running were Natalie McCarrell (20:27), Lyndsey Edwards (21:43), Julianno McMullen (22:39) and Raven O’Connor (28:21).


Haven’t heard too much from the boys’ team, so wasn’t sure what to expect. So I’ll just list the times: Jon Irvin (19:12), Dylan Dust (19:23), Jesse Rutherford (19:52), Brandon McLaughlin (21:44), Kyle Mitchell (21:54) and Ben Harmon (22:06). I know Alex McChesney (17:27) has been the girls’ team top runner all season and she was again this race. Others were Kelsey Buffum (18:07), Katrina Cropek (18:40), Alyssa Handlin (18:54), Cayla Bromlaw (20:14), Tasha Yeager (20:34) and Haley Smith (22:42).Class 4A: Bishop Carroll RegionalMy Predictions: 6 of 20 (30%) individuals within one spot right; 17 of 26 (65%) teams’ finish within one spot right.


The boys’ team had hopes of sending senior Conner Penney (18:29) to the state meet, but that didn’t work out. He barely missed out, but he a great career at Andale. He was very solid. No one else finished in the top-40, so the other times were Jacob Wallace (19:42), Cole Meierhoff (20:17), Tommy McKean (20:57), Alex Carlin (21:59) and Josh Austin (22:00). The girls’ team was able to get its team through to state behind some great running from Cecilia Lane (16:41) and especially Kelsey Nilles (16:50), both in the top-10. Returning state qualifier Madison May (17:45) has been solid all season and LeAnn Stuever (18:26) and Grace Winter (18:27) packed well for the 4-5 score. The other two were Haley Hermes (18:37) and Emily Dold (19:06).


The boys’ team is still a little bit away from competing as a team, but the team had solid performances from juniors Nathan List (18:37) and Aaron Riggs (18:43). Others were Shaun Knipp (20:18), Adam Horton (20:19), Jeff Lambert (20:55), and Clay Siemens (21:08). What a great performance from the girls’ team. They were without top runner Shelby Nelson, whose dad I met and is awesome and she had her season ended by a nagging foot injury. Still, Ellyn Willse (16:30) stepped up, Katie Winter (17:19) stepped up, Carly Berblinger (17:32), Diosha Johnson stepped up (17:40) and Abbey Whisler (17:57) were all awesome. Even without Nelson, the team proved they can contend at 4A for a team trophy. Toni Androski (18:48) and Melissa Miller (18:58) were the other two runners.


Senior Seth Alstrom (17:57) was been so consistent over the years and is going back to the state run. Still unsure if he will be rocking the same hair-do, however. Not much else from, so the others times were Micah Dehning (19:35), Hunter Veith (20:21), Taylor Hageman (20:23), Brandon LeFevre (20:25), Blake Satterfield (21:39) and Logan Dehning (22:32). Junior Cori Jones (17:49) has been solid all season and she was 21st in that race. She’s got another year to work and try to get to state. Sara Teague (17:58) is also right there. Others were Lidia Montano (18:59), Meriah Leis (19:32), Abbi Benson (21:09) and Hallie Sigwing (21:26).


The boys’ team was going to need a great day to qualify as a team. They didn’t have everything fall in line, but they still ran very well. Unfortunately, no one from the team was able to qualify. Jerome Youngers (18:25) was the top runner and barely missed the top five individual list. Others were Kent Wells (19:18), Ian Woods (19:40), Hayden Bates (19:51), Greg Witt (20:15), Nate Brown (20:45) and Dustin Cooper (20:48). The good news: the top six return next year. The girls’ team sweated it out, but got its regional title over Buhler. Michelle Babb (16:25) showed her senior experience in running a great race and finishing 2nd. Freshman Kristin Babb (16:56) and Logan Davis (17:31) were a little slow, but they are learning. Fast. Tracy Rausch (17:29), Cheyenne Layton (17:58), Brooke Winter (18:03) and Katie Garrison (18:08) can produce a solid 4th and 5th scores as well. If they can get the top four running well, then get a decent fifth score a state trophy is in reach.


Just in its first year, the boys’ team is focusing on experience. All runners were freshman, so the future is bright for: Connor Barvais (19:52), Nick Delperdang (19:54), Everett Lacy (19:59, David Vital (20:52), Mike Lavin (22:37) and juniors Joe Hansen (20:06) and Cameron Smith (24:37). The girls’ team runners were: Christina Roe (20:13), Erin Gift (20:22), Joy Henderson (20:38), Alesha Stroh (20:53) and Brixey McWhorter (21:18).Class 4A: El Dorado RegionalMy Predictions: 11 of 20 (55%) individuals within one spot right; 15 of 24 (63%) teams’ finish within one spot right.


The boys’ team wasn’t able to field a complete team, but the individual runners were Chase Wells (18:42), Zach Zerger (19:53), Tyler Powers (20:12) and Chase Winter (20:13). The two top individuals on the girls’ team, Laryssa Overby (18:07) and Kyrsten Crawford (18:07), were once again spectacular. Tori Gilmore (18:48), Shal Winzer (19:45), Halley Groom (20:01), Mackenzie Rosin (20:08) and Christina Ashenfelter (22:43) were the other runners.


The boys’ team has been banged up all season and probably weren’t in peak shape heading in. Jason Lauxman (17:49) just missed the top-10, but still qualifies for the state meet. Jameson Fay (18:14) was 14 seconds off qualifying for state. Other runners were Ben Harstine (18:25), Will Sellers (18:30), Seth Blaha (20:29), Logan Howard (21:07) and Ryan Wilson (21:08). The girls’ team was in the same situaton, but they are going to return a lot to the team so they will be good in the coming years. Cassidy Treweeke (17:55), Page Lindstrom (18:05), Jacey Zerr (18:09), Rachel Bruce (18:21) and Molly Wartick (19:06) were all sophomores this year. Others were Jamie Winningham (19:39) and Britnee Pond (19:42).


Probably one of the more disappointed teams in the area right now is the boys’ team. They just had such tough breaks last Saturday. They still almost qualified as a team, instead only Ben Jiles (18:00) qualifies for state. Who would have guessed that going in? Spencer Jensen (18:04) was right there, as well. Dale Nuckolls (18:19) was banged up, but Dawson Brush (18:23) was right there and ran a great race for him. Stuart Kelley (18:42) was the other runner. But the two bad breaks were Casey Nightengale (20:50) and Michael Riedl (22:18). Two who were expected to be in the top-10, but they were warriors to just run on Saturday. Tough breaks for them, but they have next year to work for. The girls’ team gets into state, which was solid for them. Molly Milbourn (15:14) was beat by Wedekind, but next week at Wamego will be interesting since Milbourn always runs well there. Samantha Galley (17:45) was next up for the Wildcats. Sydney Saltsman (17:53) is usually the third runner, but Hannah Helferich (18:04) may have been a little under the weather running. Those top four were solid, as usual, and then the other three were: Andrea Valadez (19:03), Laura Haines (19:16) and Tessa Heslop (19:32).


Surprise, surprise. Mulvane didn’t get the perfect 5. Ha, just kidding. But they’ll have to “settle” for 5 in the top 6: Evan Landes (16:18), Nick Lockwood (16:35), Nikki Trooien-Smith (16:41), Wyatt James (16:59) and Josh Hansen (17:35). Only surprise there is Lockwood leapfrogging NTS. Trevor Sherping (18:07) and Jake James (18:16) were the other two. The girls’ team wasn’t able to qualify, but its top two did in Haley Welch (16:37) and Amber Allen (16:48). Those two will be good in the coming years. The other runners were Sarah Schneider (18:18), Nikki Pyeatt (19:01), Sydney Locke (19:35) and Kady Schneider (22:23).


Bo Baldridge (21:11) was the only runner for the boys’ team. The girls’ team almost qualified too, but will get in top runner Taylor Carlson (16:25). Jenny Nutsch (17:40) was up there as well, but was about a minute off the state-qualifying pace. Freshman Keanu Bradley (17:50) was great and the other runners were Katy Nutsch (18:40), Paige Downing (18:58), Molly Palmer (19:12) and Krista Crook (19:40).


The boys’ team wasn’t expecting to qualify or anything, so the times were: Chase Skelton (19:03), Nick Warnke (19:55), Jake Wilson (20:00), Logan Posson (20:23), Alec Richardson (21:13), Grant Boesen (21:34) and Nathan Hansen (21:44). The girls’ team was sort of in the same boat, so their times were Lizzi Matthews (18:47), Blair Bohm (20:44) and Caroline King (24:14).


I figured the drop down to 4A would benefit VC in a big way. Looks like I”m right. The boys’ team is now one of the better teams in the class with two great runners at the top in Brice Morrow (17:35) and Corey Kingsland (17:38) and then a good supporting cast in Colton Durham (17:46), Brad Sandlin (18:10) and Jeremy Lincicome (18:42). Jason DeGarmo (19:11) and Josh Lincicome (19:55) were the other two. The girls’ team was six points away from pulling off the upset and winning the regional title. How about that freshman Morgan Wedekind (14:51)? Beating Milbourn by a comfortable margin is impressive. So was Brooke Vining (16:08), who really stepped up and ran a wonderful race. Korrie Raney (17:15) isn’t a name I recall, so I think she may have really ran a great race as well. Casey Tolle (17:53) and Karlee Wedekind (18:09) have been consistent scores all season and were good last Saturday. Amy Repp (18:51) and Blanka Fekete (20:06) were the other two.Class 3A: Southeast of Saline RegionalMy Predictions: 8 of 20 (40%) individuals within one spot right; 19 of 26 (73%) teams’ finish within one spot right.


There wasn’t much expectations going in for the boys’ team, so I’ll just list their times: Josh McIntyre (20:00), Zach Birkes (20:42), Kyle Rosenkrance (20:59), Brett Warren (21:13) and Taylor Julius (22:01). A regional title was probably in the sights’ of the girls’ team, but to actually go out there and get it was a great accomplishment for this team. They are establishing some good tradition now. Megan Doyle (16:01) and Ivy Wellman (16:18) are beginning to be locks for top-10 performances and the supporting cast of Taylor Scott (17:08), Brynn McIntyre (17:12) and Amelia Hunt (17:50) has been great. Ashley Flaming (19:39) was the other runner.


I’m not sure what the boys’ team was expecting, but I know Max Craddock (17:54) was expecting to get in and he did. Eben Bitonte (19:01), Devon Rutledge (21:04), Bonick Ku (22:51) and Luke Myer (23:55) were the other runners. I think the girls’ team was probably a little disappointed in not getting in as a team, but I am pretty sure they got in Megan Duggins (16:16) and Maggie Newlin (16:41). Zip Lower (17:45), Katie Broberg (19:19)  and Abby Kelemen (20:13) were the team scores.


From what I can tell, the boys’ runners were Daylen Zaldivar (19:32), Koal Gibson (19:56), Brad Perkins (22:06), Kordell Burch (22:29) and David McDonald (24:21). It’s too bad that Savannah Wright (16:59) barely missed in getting in the state meet. Her younger sister Sarah Wright (15:40) ran a great race and beat a savvy runner in Trible. Other runners were Cassie Hollenback (19:41), Crystal Kim (19:49), Morgan Basham (21:08), Katrina Cannady (22:19) and Courtney Cody (22:24).


The boys’ team barely gets in as a team, but probably was expecting to. Jordan Speed (17:44) ran well to get under 18 minutes and get in the top-10. Jacob Campbell (18:28), Zach Wolken (18:54), Jason Ream (18:55) and Josh Werner (19:29) were the others to round the team score and then Christian Packebush (19:55) and Chris Speed (20:11) were the others. The only girls’ runners were Nicole Fox (20:12) and Emily Hernandez (21:16).


There wasn’t any boys’ runners and the girls’ team was middle of the pack in the regional. Their runners were Alyssa Stuhlsatz (17:45), Paula Mans (18:51), Jodi Stuhlsatz (19:18), Lisa Loehr (19:56), Kim Zoglman (20:53), Claire Howard (21:08) and Erica Heimerman (21:27).


The boys’ team was middle of the pack with runners Curtis Toews (19:01), Josiah Carey (19:46), Trent Bartlett (19:51), Nate Carey (19:53) and Noah Carey (20:07). The girls’ team was probably a little disappointed in not qualifying as a team, but they put through Morgan Trible (15:52). The other runners Samantha Claassen (17:20), Ellen Mosiman (17:37), Victoria Martling (17:44), Leslie Langley (18:17), Kathryn Fee (18:36), and Katrina Carey (19:25).