Varsity Kansas

South by Southeast

By Jeffrey Lutz

Yes, you read that right. Wait, that was how Joanna started her blog entry. Apparently she didn’t trust me to blog after the Thursday night game, which was probably the right call. I’m doing this only to prove her wrong.

I only have one thing to say after watching South beat Southeast tonight on a late field goal: WEST HIGH IS FOR REAL!!!!

OK, that’s not the one thing I have to say. And I actually have more things to say than that. But after West layeth the smacketh down on South last week and now South beats Southeast, predicted to finish third in the CL. Think Joanna and Jonathan want that one back?

That’s’s another discussion for another day. Today, or at least this blog entry, is South’s Day. Or blog entry. And the Titans earned it, pulling off a pretty stunning upset thanks to a Chris Clark field goal with about a minute left. I won’t give it away because it’s the main topic of my story in tomorrow’s Eagle, but even some people on Clark’s team didn’t know who he was. But he nailed the 21-yarder and now he’s a hero.

Just how stunning was this upset? I was sitting at Carpenter Stadium with Northwest coach Weston Schartz, among others. And even as South was driving in Southeast territory with about 4 minutes to go and the score tied 13-13, Schartz STILL picked Southeast to win 20-13. Until it happened, you just couldn’t believe or predict that South would win the game.

The bigger — or just as big — story is, uhhhhh…..Southeast? Hello? What in the world happened to you guys? Were our expectations too high or is Southeast just off to a terrible start that it will soon correct? Will we forget about these two defeats in three weeks? Can Southeast still salvage its season? Obviously it can, but we can’t predict the Buffaloes to beat Heights or Carroll or Northwest. It could still happen, but who would make that call right now?

I don’t think I would, or could. The Buffaloes looked uninspired tonight. Yes, they have the coolest-looking helmets in the league, but that just isn’t getting it done. Smiley face. And South was pumped after its first win. I just wish the Titans could build on it a little — but they get to play Carroll next week. Not the best team to get a streak going against.

For tonight, and for this blog entry, it’s all about the Titans. WARNING: Lame movie reference coming up. At least until next week, we will remember them. Goodnight now.