Varsity Kansas

Recap (9-10)

by joanna

If you’ve got a score you want to share, a thought from a game you saw, please post below. I’ll give you the very few scores I have right now, so I hope to update in the morning.

The biggie is that South beat Southeast 16-13. Yep, I can’t believe it, either, even though Southeast had a disappointing showing against an improved Dodge City team last week. I wrote OMG on a previous post when Southeast lost to North last year. This is even bigger.

Read more about the game in Jeff Lutz’s story, which will be up on Friday. Also coming Friday, a story and column from J.Long, a Getting to Know feature on Carroll hitter Sarah Waterson and football notes and coverage from the Titan Classic semifinals.

Back to results, I wrote an online-only story on Heights-Northwest volleyball, which went to five games. Those are two pretty good teams, and I admit to being blown away by Heights sophomore Crystal Whitten. The kid can hit; it’s ridiculous. She definitely gets waaaaaayyyyy too down on herself, but she’s a tough, tough hitter. I think the player I was most impressed with overall, though, was Madison Wheeler, Heights’ libero. She was so consistent in every facet of her game. It was good to see.

Northwest has a good team. But I definitely did not see the Grizzlies at their best. They made a comeback that impressed — down by two games, they won the next two before losing the fifth. And when players recover like that, it’s a good sign. Northwest has a tough libero in Stephanie Mier and some good hitters in Alaina Shine and Kelsey Berlin. Again, I did not see Northwest at its best.

If you’ve got other scores to share, please do.