Varsity Kansas

XC: Thursday Race Results

By Taylor Eldridge

I’ll try to find all of the results for today’s races. I just got Hutchinson’s, so I’ll have that up here in the next few minutes. If you have race results, feel free to e-mail them to me at Thanks!

Hutchinson Invitational at Carey Park

Boys 5k race

Team results: 1. Hutchinson 55 (2-5-10-16-22); 2. Hays 62 (1-3-9-24-25); 3. Garden City 66 (4-7-8-20-27); 4. Dodge City 81 (6-14-17-18-26); 5. Goddard 82 (11-12-15-21-23); 6. Campus 121 (13-19-28-29-32).

Individuals: 1. Josh Munsch, Hays, 16:36; 2. Cameron Sprague, Hutchinson, 17:04; 3. Seth Tophoj, Hays, 17:16; 4. Jonny Bernasky, Garden City, 17:45; 5. Chris Wise, Hutchinson, 17:51; 6. Peter Neidhart, Dodge City, 18:07; 7. Brennan Reith, Garden City, 18:37; 8. Miguel Ramirez, Garden City, 18:40; 9. Eli Fort, Hays, 18:42; 10. Seaver Williams, Hutchinson, 18:48; 11. Brandon Massey, Goddard, 18:52; 12. Lincoln Lemon, Goddard, 18:53; 13. Morgan McRae, Campus, 18:58; 14. Alfredo Ruiz, Dodge City, 19:06; 15. Clayton Lorg, Goddard, 19:17; 16. Derek Mitchell, Hutchinson, 19:23; 17. Eduardo Acosta, Dodge City, 19:26; 18. Tevin Heiland, Dodge City, 19:28; 19. Kyle Smith, Campus, 19:31; 20. Lane Greenlee, Garden City, 19:32; 21. Zach Hambrick, Goddard, 19:33; 22. Tyler Williams, Hutchinson, 19:36; 23. Caleb Davis, Goddard, 19:39; 24. Vincent Bizzell, Hays, 19:44; 25. Christopher Schlimme, Hays, 19:44.

Instant Analysis: I know the weather began to lighten up as the day progressed, but I’m not sure what the weather was like up in Hutch. It appears to still have been damp looking at the times. A little slower than what some of the kids put up last week, but still good times. In the boys race, Campus ran its junior varsity runners so that left the team title up in the air. Though the top 10 was dominated by western Kansas (Hays-Dodge City-Garden City), Hutchinson pulled through to win with its superior depth. Cameron Sprague looked to have been running by himself most of the race, as he finished far behind and far ahead of first and third place respectively. But the team has to be happy with the progress of Chris Wise and his time of 17:51 this week. Not much happening on the Goddard or Campus team.

Girls 4k race

Team results: 1. Goddard 33 (2-3-6-7-15); 2. Hays 37 (1-4-5-13-14); 3. Hutchinson 50 (8-9-10-11-12).

Individuals: 1. Madeline Kasra, Hays, 15:15; 2. Megan Ballinger, Goddard, 15:18; 3. Julie Randall, Goddard, 15:20; 4. Kylie Gaughan, Hays, 15:32; 5. Bailey Zimmerman, Hays, 15:47; 6. Sarah Irsik, Goddard, 15:48; 7. Courtney Maddux, Goddard, 15:48; 8. Erin Allender, Hutchinson, 15:49; 9. Madison Schrock, Hutchinson, 15:54; 10. Ashley Krier, Campus, 15:58; 11. Shalonda Maple, Hutchinson, 16:10; 12. Jordan Ortega, Garden City, 16:10; 13. Rachel Seitz, Hutchinson, 16:16; 14. Brooke Dickey, Campus, 16:33; 15. Ana Guevara, Garden City, 16:36; 16. Maggie Heck, Hutchinson, 16:37; 17. Briana Binger, Campus, 16:38; 18. Ellie Kasra, Hays, 16:45; 19. Shellby Knoll, Garden City, 16:47; 20. Kylee Filley, Hays, 16:58; 21. Tiana Hacker, Goddard, 17:06; 22. Briana Pina, Goddard, 17:16; 23. April Rayer, Goddard, 17:35; 24. Bailey Clark, Campus, 17;47; 25. Michelle Harris, Hays, 17:58.

Instant Analysis: On the girls side, it looked as if Goddard finally broke through and showed its capabilities. With senior Julie Randall back, this team is pretty studly. Megan Ballinger looked to have ran a great race and Randall was right behind her. Sarah Irsik and Courtney Maddux repeated solid efforts this week and Goddard actually had to take a higher time for the 5th runner  than they’d like. But it still won the team title. The times were pretty fast compared to the boys, so I”m not sure about the course. On the Hutchinson front, Erin Allender, Madison Schrock and Shalonda Maple all cut down on their times by A LOT. That’s another good sign for Hutch. Campus couldn’t put together a team, but Ashley Krier continues to have a nice season in the shadow of that boy’s team they have over there.