Varsity Kansas

I wanna know (9-8)

by joanna

Since I sometimes get bored only discussing and thinking about sports, I try to do this to lighten up the seriousness that so often is high school sports. If you are only here to discuss sports, feel free to move onto the other topics on the blog that encompass every fall sport. No feelings hurt there.

So this is what I wanna know today:

Have you seen anyone building an ark or has anyone told you that you should start?

Were you one of the people like me who went out today without an umbrella, even though it’s been raining since what, midnight?

What are your favorite songs that have rain lyrics? (I love  ‘Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head,’ ‘Rain, rain go away and come again another day,’ and ‘Blame it on the rain…’)

Did you watch any college football over the weekend? Did you watch a game with a former Wichita-area athlete?

If you saw the artificial turf fields at Carroll or Heights, South and Northwest, what were your thoughts?

Do you admire soccer players who can play in this muck caused by the rain but dread the fact that you have to sit through such awful conditions to see the game? (And if you’re responsible for cleaning those uniforms, how much Shout do you use?)

What’s the best part of a rainy day? The worst part?

Got a question you want to include, feel free to post.

Remember the point is to have fun. If you don’t want to have fun, move along.