Varsity Kansas

Tonight's recap (9-4)

by joanna

Not a bad night for a first Friday night, you know? The rain fell in some areas, but it stayed dry for the most part.

And we had some questions answered, too. So let’s get it started.

Hutchinson answered the question in a way we knew it would — it beat up on Rockhurst. Yes, Rockhurst was down from last season, but that’s a perennial power in Missouri and it’s a great win for Hutch. And Hutch did it in some dominating fashion. Gotta love the Salt Hawks.

Buhler answered questions I know that I had in Class 4A by taking care of Andover. Andover is by no means out of this race in Class 4A, but Buhler clearly is the best team in Division III

Southeast lost to Dodge City. I’m not surprised by this and I wish I would have gone with my gut and taken Dodge City. But I didn’t. Southeast didn’t play well, including Joseph Randle. I think this team will rebound because Dodge is a quality team — but Southeast has some issues it needs to take care.

Speaking of issues. I’m well aware that it’s the first week, but I’m not impressed with the top five teams (that I picked) in the City League. Northwest really struggled to beat Kapaun. While Demarcus Robinson had one of the best plays I’ve ever seen to give NW the lead for good on Thursday, there’s no doubt that NW is beatable.

Kapaun is better than most thought. But I know fans were frustrated not to see key players in late because of injuries. How good is this team? I’d really like to know that.

Carroll beat Heights 28-0, but Carroll has its own issues. I thought that the defense came out tough and the line was better than would have been predicted. Blake Bell did well and those receivers are quite good. But Carroll has to be more consistent, and frankly, I’m surprised that the Eagles didn’t score more against Heights.

Like all these teams, I predict Heights will get better as the season goes on. But Heights was awful on Friday night. Four fumbles in the first half, including three in the first quarter. Two fumbled snaps right off the bat, two fumbled kickoffs…. It went on and on. Not very fun to watch, and the running game did nothing against Carroll.

East gets a win over North which I like. I’ve been told I picked them too low (No. 7 behind North at No. 6). Seems the Aces proved that off the bat.

West gets a win over South. Always good for the Pioneers to get a win early. Of course, that would have been good, too.

Andale handled Clearwater, while Andover Central lost to BV Northwest. Derby took care of Campus, while Maize did the same to Valley Center. McPherson won 40-17 over Goddard — I’ll have to read our story to see whether it was that close.

How about Mulvane beating Great Bend? I like Mulvane this year, but I didn’t think the Wildcats would get a win over Great Bend. Big, big win for that program.

The Salinas rolled in their games. Anyone else surprised that Rose Hill only beat Circle 13-0? Newton beat Liberal, Riley County beat Augusta and Wellington beat Kingman

In the CPL, Chaparral beat Belle Plaine, Conway Springs took care of Cheney, Garden Plain beat Independent, Medicine Lodge beat Douglass and Trinity beat Bluestem.

In the MCAA, Marion beat Lyons in a game I figured would be closer, while Collegiate beat Nickerson but gave up 28 points. Smoky Valley beat Haven and Hoisington beat Holcomb while Hesston beat Halstead.

In the rest of the state, Manhattan beat Blue Valley and Olathe East beat Lawrence Free State. Thanks. Two of my ranked teams lose.

I’ve got rankings coming out on Sunday, unless it’s decided to post them earlier. Either way, watch out for them and feel free to share your thoughts.

Did you see a game or play that you want to chat about? Feel free to do so. This is only a small portion of the games played around the state, so feel free to fill us in on what’s not included here or to expand on what is.