Varsity Kansas

XC: Summer Update on NW's Robbie Martinez-Garcia

by Taylor Eldridge

Has anyone else noticed it’s not summer any more? It’s starting to get cold outside…weird.

Anyways, here’s just a little something extra I got from Northwest senior Robbie Martinez-Garcia when talking to him for the story that will be in tomorrow’s paper.

So I hear via the internet that you had quite the summer…

"Summer was great. I did a lot of traveling with summer track. Me and Andrew qualified for Nationals for USTF and AAU and we had to drive all the way down to North Carolina and we were there for seven days. I finished fifth in the 1500-meters there. From there we had to fly from North Carolina to Des Moines, Iowa and we were there again for seven days. I wound up taking second there in the 1500. My times there were 4:02 at Des Moines and 4:03 in North Carolina, but early on in the summer at a qualifying meet for Regionals, I ran a 3:58 and I was pretty excited about that. My 800 I really improve a lot. I was running 1:55's, 1:54's pretty consistently throughout the summer. I kind of leaned away from running the two-mile over the summer. I just wanted to focus more on speed. But it really went really good. I enjoyed it. A lot of traveling."

What were the stops this summer?

"Over the summer, me and Andrew Etheridge, we visited Nebraska, unofficially. We visited K-State, unofficially. And we were going to visit KU unofficially, but we didn't really have time. My coach has been e-mailing back-and-forth with Oklahoma State's coach and I'm going to take an unofficial visit there at the Jamboree. So I'm definitely looking into the Big 12. I don't want to go too far from home, but I want to get out of Kansas."

Any favorite spot?

"North Carolina was pretty nice. We stayed in Winston-Salem and that was near the University of Wake Forest and that's where we went to practice. It was really nice up there. It was a nice atmosphere. I really enjoyed going up to Lincoln. It was really nice up there. All the facilities up there were really nice. Both of those, going up to North Carolina and to Nebraska, were probably my favorite stops over the summer."