Varsity Kansas

A clean slate

by joanna

I totally stole this from My Say, who posted on Aug. 30’s open discussion. But it’s been on my mind. His post is below.

So this post is for any topic except: Brian Butler, how The Eagle doesn’t give your sport the amount of coverage you want, how specific schools recruit, and how you don’t like the ideas set forth for topics.

Anything else, have at it.

Dear Posters,

I enjoy reading the blog, but lately find much of the postings redundant. Please try and use your wit, knowledge and humor on new subjects and let the old ones go.


Brian Butler- I think everyone who has opinion on him has expressed it. Who is on what side of the fence on this is clear. Over all Mr. Butler is not that much of a influence on High School sports.

Newspaper sports coverage- Sports are just entertainment. You are given a form here to talk about anything, so give what sport you love recognition here. If you think that colleges spend their time reading local newspapers about your favorite High School athletes, I think you will be disappointed.

High school recruiting- First one to come up with proof, I would love to read. If no proof why make allegations. It only comes across as jealousy.

Topics set forth in the forum- If you don't like a topic, simply don't post on it or read it. Or better yet, come up with your own topic. What gets old is that most posters find it easier to complain than to add to the forum.

I'm done having my say.