Varsity Kansas

XC: Weekend Update

By Taylor Eldridge

I missed doing this last week. I know it’s a bit late for an update for last week, but should be fun nonetheless.

Plus I know you guys missed my funny joke of the week, so I have to bring it back. This one is from Conan O’Brien that made me laugh going into the big Olympic bid meeting for Chicago last week.

“President Obama and Oprah Winfrey are going to Copenhagen together this week to push for Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics. The bad news is while they’re gone the country’s going to be run by Joe Biden and Jerry Springer.”

And we’re off with a bang. Onto the results.

Berean Invitational


I think fourth place was right around where the Trojans were thinking in the boy’s race. They almost beat Central, so I’m sure they are happy with that. I’m not too sure, but that’s right around where I had them pegged for. They didn’t necessarily have a strong individual, but Michael Just (17:25) picked up a top-20 finish. Chris White (17:59) broke 18 minutes and Patrick Violette (18:02), Matt DeKoning (18:18) and Lane White (18:32) give the Trojans something to build off of. On the girls side, Laura Sellew was once again solid. She ran 16:59 and placed 3rd. Kaitlyn Phillips (18:12) was top-11 and behind her were Allie Tozier (19:02), Ashlee Hampton (21:04) and Breea Little (21:05).

Andover Central

I know they ran well last week, but I think the guys were hoping to be a little closer to Berean in this race, in terms of the team score. Eric Lightfoot (16:51) ran a good race, placing in the top-10 and teammate Andrew Howell (17:13) are a solid 1-2 punch. But the  next three (Travis Jones 18:25, Gant Daigle 18:29, Cole Kretchmar 18:37) were a little back. Mackenzie Wills has been coming on strong in recent weeks and ran another great race (16:58). She beat Sellew from Andover by a second, so that is a good finish for her. Brooke Hansen (18:15), Alexis Lyman (19:06), Hannah Sitz (19:48) and Alexandra Calentine (21:15) were the other runners.


On the boys side, Chase Wells (18:01) earns a top-25 finish. Tyler Powers (18:28), Jared Austin (22:54), Jaden Garrison (26:16) and Jacob Duncan (26:34) were the other runners. Laryssa Overyby was a highlight on the girls side. She ran a 18:17 and placed in the top-15. Others were Halley Groom (19:47), Shai Winzer (19:48), Tori Gilmore (19:51), Mackenzie Rosin (20:23) and Christina Ashenfelter (20:44).

Berean Academy

A solid finish for the BA’s. Not anywhere close to Mulvane, but far enough of the 5A’s (Andover’s) for it to be a good race. Arlan Newby (16:41), Daniel Claassen (16:47) and Josiah Busenitz (16:50) have been solid all season and they were in the top-10. #4 Lane Holmes (17:41) was a little behind, as was #5 Justin Claassen (18:05). On the girls’ side, Lydia Newby (18:22), Emily Reed (18:23) and Emily Wiebe (18:25) were all in the top-20. Megan Wiebe (19:24) and Ashley Hall (19:50) rounded out the team score.


A near perfect race from the Wildcats again this week, in a decently strong race. Evan Landes (15:55), Nikki Trooien-Smith (16:06), Nick Lockwood (16:13) and Wyatt James (16:21) go 1-2-3-4 and Josh Hanson (16:43) misses the perfect finish by two seconds. Jake James (17:16) finished 15th and Tervor Harping (17:33) was 18th. That’s their top 7 in the top 18. Not bad. The girls side gets overshadowed, but they had some good races this week from Haley Whelch (17:06), Amber Alen (18:21), Nikki Pyatt (18:23), Sarah Schneider (19:04) and Sydney Lock (19:16).


Morgan Trible won the girl’s race, as expected, in a time of 16:44. She was joined by Samantha Claassen (18:14), Victoria Martling (18:24), Leslie Langley (18:40) and Ellen Mosiman (18:55). Didn’t see the team results for the girls, but I’m sure they were pretty happy with the finish.

Halstead Invitational


I think Seth Alstrom is a little disappointed in the 9th place finish in a time of 18:26, but he was seconds away from 6th. I’m sure he’ll bounce back, but this was a good, competitve race to prepare him for Regionals. Others in the guys race were: Micah Dehning (19:44), Hunter Veith (20:25), Brandon LeFevre (21:08), Blake Satterfield (21:08), Taylor Hagerman (21:16) and Logan Dehning (21:30). The girls team finished fourth in the race, which I’m sure they’re happy with. Sara Teague (18:13) and Cori Jones (18:17) was top-15. Other runners were Lidia Montano (19:54), Abbi Benson (20:21), Jenny Lechner (20:35), Brittani Jackson (21:43) and Hallie Sigwing (22:47).


Circle has to be happy with winning this meet, barely over Peabody and Marion. Jameson Fay (18:23) ran a good race and Jason Lauxman (18:30) and Ben Harstine (18:50) made a good 1-2-3 punch. Will Sellers (19:17) and Logan Howard (20:30) rounded out the team score. The girls team ran pretty well and finished well behind Collegiate but far ahead of Marion for second place. And with no one in the top-10. It was the strength of the team, which was Cassiday Treweeke (18:15), Page Lindstrom (18:30), Jacey Zerr (18:32), Britnee Pond (18:58), Rachel Bruce (19:02), Molly Wartick (19:09), and Jamie Winningham (20:03).


Max Craddock ran a good race, finishing seventh in a time of 18:24. He should be a state qualifier in 3A. Outside of him, other finishers were Eben Bitonte (19:17), Matthias Meyer (20:32), Devon Rutledge (21:08), Taylor Daley (22:18) and Luke Myer (22:46). The girls team ran away with the team title, sort of expectedly. Megan Duggins (16:54), Maggie Newlin (17:01), Ellie Newlin (17:18) were outstanding. And Sydney Lower (18:51) and Kati Broberg (19:18) rounded out a very solid team score.


Running as an individual, Daylen Zaldivar was solid almost breaking 19 minutes in a 14th place finish (19:06). Koal Gibson also added a top-25 finish with a time of 19:52, barely edging teammate Ben Goodwin (19:52). Freshman sensation Sarah Wright won another race, this time in 16:06. She’s a stud, and so is her sister Savannah, who placed 12th in 18:17. Cassie Hollenback came in at 20:20, Morgan Basham at 22:10 and Katrina Cannady at 24:15 for Douglass.


Eric Anders almost won this race, he was only six seconds off the pace by Topham of Peabody. I didn’t know too much coming in about him, but he has to be happy with his 18:03 time. Wellington didn’t run a full team, but they had two great individuals as Ren Bean (18:07) was top-5 as well. Outside of those two, it was just Nick Ewing (20:21). Shelby Leatherwood was a plus on the girl’s side, placing in the top-10 with a time of 18:12.

Junction City Invitational


Maize wanted to see how they stacked up with some unfamiliar competition and the answer was…pretty well. The boys and girls team placed second at the meet, edging Topeka West, Hays, Great Bend and Junction City. The boys team ran well, Ryan Hopkins led the way with a 8th place finish in a time of 17:13. Solid. Then the pack behind him was nice and tight, #2-#5 runners finishing between 13th and 19th and all within 35 seconds with Dan Van Sickle (17:45), Landon Kilgore (17:57), Eli Ybarra (18:17) and Brooks Rummery (18:19). A good performance and exactly what the team needed heading back to Maize this week. Dani Walker continues her fabulous senior season with her first win of the season at the meet with a time of 15:02. Outstanding. She had some good pack running behind her too. Najai Hill placed 9th with 16:18 and Mary Krancik was 12th in 16:31. The next three in were all in a row with Sarah Allen (18:09), Corinne Penner (18:18) and Jordan Goss (18:23). Allen and Penner are newcomers to the top five, so that’s a good sign that depth is emerging. A successful trip to JC I’d say for Maize.

Cowboy Jamboree

Bishop Carroll

The flu bug wiped out nearly every one that was planning on running for the Carroll boy’s team. All that was left was Cliff Kissling and Gage Garcia. Kissling ran very strong in the 5-4A race, finishing 6th in a time of 16:44. Garcia also set a season-best time of 17:13. I know Carroll would have liked to have ran more at this meet, but just getting healthy in goal number one right now for the Eagles.


The boys team ran pretty well in the smallest division of the meet. Jerome Youngers was the top finisher in a time of 18:22. That’s not a bad time for him, but I know he’ll be aiming to break 18 minutes. The guys team is very inexperience right now, so Kent Wells (19:14), Ian Woods (19:16) and Greg Witt (20:07) are still learning, but are improving every week. Hayden Bates (20:22) has been hit by the injury bug, but if the Indians can get everyone healthy then they should be good. The girls team definitely was a success at the meet, placing second. The top three have established themselves in Logan Davis (12:28), Michelle Babb (12:31) and Kristen Babb (12:36). Oh, and those are two-mile times. The rest of the pack is pretty solid too: Tracy Rausch (13:27),  Brooke Winter (13:36), Cheyenne Layton (13:39) and Katie Garrison (13:40).


Wow. Talk about a great race by Neil Metler (15:53). He’s come on this season and has put himself up there in the running with 6A runners. Behind him, they are young and they are still learning. Brandon Lewis (17:50) and Vontez Curry-Long (17:59) did well to break 18 minutes and Craig Compton (18:02) and Darren Dawdy (18:05) are right there as well. The girls team did well, as usual. Wouldn’t expect anything less. Emily Hornbeck (11:35) and Amber Green (11:45) were studs. Breah Waldron (12:45), Brenna Kleman (12:46) and Valerie Nielson (12:47) followed. This was a good tune-up for the Panthers, as they look to drop their #3-#5 times.

Kapaun Mount Carmel

Mackenzie Maki might have gotten her swagger back with this race, winning it in a time of 11:16. She ran a smart race, staying with the pack until 500 meters left and then busting out to win by nearly 10 seconds. Always a good sign. Marie Schaller (12:39) ran well and the times are starting to come down for Bridgette Valliere (13:09), Katie Hand (13:31) and Melissa Davied (14:10).


Here comes Robbie Martinez-Garcia. He ran a 16:26 and is starting to lower his times, as is his #2 Daniel Herbert (16:43). The top seven finally ran together this meet and though that is a positive, they probably had a bit of an off-day together. Kevin Crafton (18:17) was up next, then Max Surmeier (18:22) and Jacob Jones (18:27). Northwest will start to improve starting this week and don’t be surprised to see them really come on starting around the CL meet. The girls team also ran and their times were: Meredith Short (13:54), Emily Loehner (14:00), Ashlynn Mohr (14:13), Rachel Schoonover (14:50) and Stephanie Jett (14:53).

Newton Invitational


Buhler didn’t have anyone in the top-15, which was kind of disappointing but Nathan List came in at 17:37 and ran a great race. Outside of him, Buhler was just looking to lower individual times instead of competing for the team title. Aaron Riggs ran 18:09, Adam Horton 19:16, Trent Horton 19:23 and Shaun Knipp at 19:43 to round out the team score. Buhler girls were without its usual first and fifth runners in this meet. But Ellyn Willse still ran a great race in a time of 16:06. If she can keep that up, Buhler has a very nice tandem with Nelson. The next pack was a little farther back (Katie Winter 17:17, Toni Androski 17:20, Abbey Whisler 17:32), but if they get back to full strength next week they will be right back in the mix.

El Dorado

El Dorado was probably pretty happy with its placing, right between Hutchinson and Newton in fourth place. The top two ran great in Casey Nightengale (16:49) and Dale Nuckolls (17:16) and the support all came in a pack for the Wildcats as Spencer Jensen, Michael Reidl and Ben Jiles all finished right under 18 minutes. Molly wins again in 14:59. Does she surprise anyone anymore? I don’t think so. She’s a stud. Finding a pack behind her has been a challenge this year, but Hannah Helferich (16:43), Laura Haines (17:35), Samantha Galley (17:46) and Sydney Saltsman (18:07) are going to have to get it done if Eldo wants to go to state as a team.


It will be interesting to see if Brandon Massey (17:31) or Lincoln Lemon (17:38) can sneak in and snag a spot to go to the state meet. Both have been fighting hard all season and are lowering their times. Zach Hambrick (18:05) is also starting to come on for the Lions now. Clayton Lorg (18:28) and Caleb Davis (18:32) were the other runners. The girls team ran well, but were disappointed not to knock off Newton at its home course. Megan Ballinger (15:34) ran one of her better races of the season, as did Julie Randall (16:13). If Randall can keep up that time, Goddard will be very good with Sarah Irsik (16:38), Courtney Maddux (16:47) and Meredith Skidmore (17:36) rounding out the team score.


Hutch ran well, with Cameron Sprague (15:57) pushing Porter. That’s all you can ask for. Chris Wise was solid at 16:41. Then the next two in Seaver Williams (17:41) and Tyler Williams (17:54) were close together, but the 5 time in Derek Mitchell (18:12) was a little farther back. If he can get under 18 minutes, that would be a huge boost for Hutch. The girls team really impressed me at Newton. Madison Schrock (16:12) really ran a great race and then the bunch-up behind her was really good with Maple Shalonda (16:23), Rachel Seitz (16:40), Erin Allender (17:03) and Maggie Heck (17:19).


McPherson boys really ran well this meet. Adam Porter (15:50) of course won it. Morgan Peterson (17:08) and Caleb Porter (17:14) were a bit off their season-bests, but the team dominated. Nikolous Rempe (17:29) ran very well and the team had a new fifth runner in Preston Mossman (17:48). If they can get five under 17:45, they will be a very, very tough team to beat entering the post-season. The girls team won’t compete for a team title this year, but they do have very good runners in Andrea Nowak (16:17) and Emily Reese (16:21). Colleen O’Connor (16:44) and Myranda Miller (17:02) weren’t too far behind, either. But the fifth time was a little back with Leigh Loving (18:12).


The girls team has sort of over-shadowed the guys team so far this season. The guys aren’t going to win any meets, but Austin Lettau (17:21), Laban LaJouette (17:27) and Rene Madrigal (17:36) are very good runners. The fourth and fifth times (Dilan Winter 18:03 and Joel Gouvion  18:08) are a little back, but Newton is a very competitive team this season. The girls team really  ran well, especially the top three (Mallorie Coffman 15:41, Erin Loeffler 15:46, Shannon Ahlstedt 16:00). Maybe it was just the home course, but they ran unbelievably. Laci McCartney (17:05) and Ardys Woodward (17:44) made up the other two times for the team-winning score.

Valley Center

Valley has kind of had a down year this year, or maybe they are just waiting to peak. It may be a little bit of both, but I’m kind of surprised that they’ve been that far back in some of these meets. But Corey Kingsland (17:34) is the team’s number one runner and then they have a good supporting cast behind him. Brice Morrow (18:10) has started to slide into the number two role and then the group behind them has been Brad Sandlin (18:24), Colton Durham (18:27), Jeremy Lincicome (19:08) and Jason DeGarmo (19:12). The girls team was without a couple of its runners, but here were the times: Casey Tolle (17:22), Karlee Wedekind (17:51), Amy Repp (18:15).