Varsity Kansas

XC: Run A (Extra) Mile With McPherson's Adam Porter

By Taylor Eldridge

To make up for my tardiness this week, I will give you guys a little sumthin’ extra.

Enjoy running an extra mile this week with McPherson’s Adam Porter. Find out what he thinks about people wondering about his times, what his goals are for state and how he got so good.

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You were good before your junior track season. But there seemed to be something that transformed you into one of the best runners in the state, if not the best. So what happened?

“This year was the first time I ever did training in the off-season. I decided to give up basketball and commit full time to running. I combined running with a bunch of core workouts and strength-building to make myself a lot more stronger and have more endurance. I did a lot of work last winter, but I think I could have done more. I’ll do a lot more this year. I did only a month of hard work last winter.”

So what was the training regimen like this summer?

“This summer I trained for about a month and a half in July. But I think there’s room for improvement if I can get a full off-season in and train.”

What do you think your best race is so far this year?

“Probably the Buhler race because I ran a 15:18 there. My goal coming into the year as to run at 15:13 and then I busted out a 15:18 and I was really happy with that. I didn’t feel tired after and I felt good the whole time. One I wouldn’t be very happy with was the Emporia meet. But our coaches had us hold back there, so that was understandable. But definitely the Buhler meet has been my best so far.”

When people get on here and question the legitimacy of the times, what are your thoughts on that? I mean I know some of the courses might be a little short, but what’s your take on all of that?

“I think the times are legit if you compare then to what I did last year. I ran a 16:13 last year at Buhler. I kind of like it when people doubt it. It kind of motivates me even more to run faster at different races. So I use that to fuel the fire for me. I kind of like it when people doubt me.”

What’s your relationship with Hutch’s Cameron Sprague and Hays’ Josh Munsch?

“I’d say we have a pretty good friendship. It’s kind of like a rivalry, but we have no hard feelings to whoever wins the race. We’re just happy for each other. We want to run against each other and run fast. It will be good to run against (Cameron) finally this year. It will be good talking to him and seeing him again. He’s a good guy. We’re pretty good friends.”

Do you think other runners have an advantage for those who ran at Rim Rock this past weekend when you get up to state?

“For me, I don’t think it makes much of a difference. I know the course pretty well. I’ve ran on it a couple of times. I don’t think it will make very much of a difference. It would have been nice to go up there and preview it and get used to a little bit and see where I stand. But we’ll show up at state and we’ll be ready to go  and whatever happens, happens.”

Seems like you have a pretty good rivalry going with El Dorado. You’ve seen them a lot this year. How good of a measuring stick is that for you guys to go against?

“They’re really good to run against. We always have a good competition when we run against them. Last year it was real close and they were beating us real close. This year we’re happy about (beating them) so far. It’s pretty nice seeing how all of our guys stack up with them. It’s really fun to run against them and not have it be about the individual all the time.”

A lot of the focus is centered on you, and rightfully so, but I know you guys have a good team this year. Talk about the team this year.

“We all are running really well this year. We’ve put in a lot of work this summer and that’s helped us a lot. We’ve come much closer as a team. Our goal was to win the team title and if we fall a little short of that, hopefully we can get top-3 at least. We’ll be happy as long as we stay close together as a team. We’ve had a strong number three and four runner so far. Our number five has kind of fallen off a little bit, but I think this weekend he’ll make up for it. We have a new guy joining the team. He can be a No. 4 or No. 5 runner for us possibly. Hopefully this weekend we can show up and make a statement.”

Since you’ve won your three state titles last spring, how has that been? A lot of attention has been given to you and the expectations have been raised. What’s that been like?

“It motivates me to work harder and not to let people down and to prove that I am as good as I was last year and it wasn’t a fluke or anything. The thing I’m focused on the most is winning the team title. I wouldn’t care as long as we win the team title and that’s above everything else for me. I’ve been focused on the team and what’s best for us.”

What’s it like running with your little brother (Caleb) on the team this year?

“We ran a lot together this summer, just whenever our schedules matched up when we could. We’re real close. We have no hard feelings for each other. I think he’ll be very good once he matures. Hopefully next year he’ll be able to step up next year and fill in my shoes. It’s good to have him on the team and we motivated each other when we get down. It’s real nice having my little brother on the team.”

What are the plans for college?

“I’m pretty much going through the process right now. I plan on running at a school in the Big 12 most likely or in the SEC. I pretty much will run at a D-1 school, but I don’t know where that’s going to be yet. I’m still kind of confused with the whole thing.”

Yeah, that’s going to be a real important decision for you. What’s that whole process like?

“I couldn’t wait to get it started once the phone calls all started coming in this summer. That’s the thing I was most excited about was getting to talk to the people. It gets a little old talking to that many people, but it’s pretty fun. I’m just glad that schools are actually looking at me. Nobody has offered me yet, but I think some will. I’m just kind of following what coaches I’m most comfortable with. Then I’ll try to figure out what official visits to take. When you got a bunch of schools calling you and you’re not interested in five or six, it makes it pretty hard to make a decision. But hopefully, it becomes a little easier once I take my official visits.”

What’s the goal at state this year?

“I want to try to break 15:40 if that’s possible. That’s just my goal right now. If I come close to that at all, I’ll be happy with that. I like to set my goals high and hopefully I can come through. After state, I think I’m going to take a break from running and start getting focused on track.”

So do you miss basketball at all now?

“I don’t really miss it at all now that I’ve got the success that I have in cross country and track. Running is definitely my love. I’m glad I devoted myself. I kind of wish I would have done it earlier actually.”

Quick Hitters

Night before meal: Pasta

Day of meal: Peanut Butter Granola Bar

Post-race meal: Gatorade

Where are you before a race: With the team

Favorite movie: Without Limits

Ryun or Pre: Ryun (since he’s from Kansas)

Favorite course outside Rim Rock: Lake Afton

Fastest 5k time: 15:18

Cross Country or Track: Track

iPod playlist: Doesn’t listen to one (”I like to listen to my breathing to see where I’m at.”