Varsity Kansas

XC: Run A Mile With Hutchinson's Cameron Sprague

By Taylor Eldridge

After striking out a couple of times earlier in the week, I finally got a hold of Hutchinson’s Cameron Sprague after practice today. He’s a senior at Hutchinson and he’s in my top-5 runners in this area, so you know he’s a stud. Sprague has placed every year at the Class 5A state meet in his career and he’s almost a lock for the top 5 this year.

But what is he aiming for? Is there a brewing rivalry with McPherson’s Adam Porter? Who’s his favorite character on Family Guy? These are the things I know everyone is interested in, so click the jump to find out the answers.

So far this season, what do you think your best race has been?

“Probably…Wichita Southeast, maybe. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ran anything amazing yet.”

Obviously state is where you want to peak, right?

“Yeah. I’ve just been training real hard right now. We like to run fast at the end of the season. We’re just training through all of the meets up until state because state is really all that matters. And I think coach Bonds feels the same way too.”

Do you have a different strategy for every race, or is it pretty much the same every week?

“I usually just try to go out hard and try to keep a fast pace. I’ll just say that my kick’s not my strongest part. So I try to wear people down, so they can’t out-kick me at the end.”

I know you ran at Rim Rock this past weekend. That’s always a special place to be. What makes it so special for you?

“One of the big things is that it’s where state’s at. It’s always an amazing course to run. You get two different areas to run up there. There’s on part that is just real open and then another area is just filled with trees. It’s a very diverse course. It’s really nice scenery and just a beautiful course to run on.”

What was the training regimen like this summer?

“On a weekly basis I would be putting in 50 miles a week. Long runs 12-to-14 miles about. And a few days I would put in a few 2-a-days.”

Do you worry about trying to set everything up so you peak at state?

“My coach does most of the planning on that. (Lisa Bonds) does a great job of setting up the practice times and getting us ready for that.”

So what are the goals for state this year?

“I want to get top three. And I want to be around 16-flat. On Rim Rock.”

You and McPherson’s Adam Porter are going to be running together for the first time this year this week. Excited? Is there a rivalry there at all?

“I just want to see where we’re both at compared to each other. We’ll really push each other, I know that. Me and him are good friends though. All of us really get along, (Hays’) Josh (Munsch) too. Of course we all want to win when we are out on the course racing. But outside of racing, we all get along.”

Do you listen to an iPod when you’re running those long distances in the summer?

“No, I usually don’t.”

Wow. So what do you think of when you’re running 12, 14 miles at a time?

“You just kind of go off into a trance. You kind of just don’t think that much. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain. You just kind of go off in your mind and think about random stuff. Like I’ve tried to explain it to some people as when you’re driving a long time and you know you just kind of go off and you don’t even realize you’re driving anymore? That’s what it’s like.”

Any plans for college?

“I would like to run in college. I don’t know where I’d like to run yet. Whoever talks to me and then whoever has a major that I’m looking in.”

And what’s that major?”

“Engineering. Or computer science, probably.”


Pre-race meal: Chicken AlfredoPost-race meal: SubwayWhere are you before a race: AloneTV show: Family GuyFamily Guy character: SteweyFavorite music: AlternativeRyun or Pre?: PreCourse (outside of Rim Rock): El DoradoFastest 5k time: 16:28