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Spearville's Willie Cauley offered by Kansas State basketball

by joanna

I saw on Twitter today — you can follow me at @joannachadwick — that Kansas State has made an offer to Spearville sophomore Willie Cauley, who is 6-foot-10.

His is a name I hadn’t heard last year, so I called his coach, Jerrod Stanford today.

Cauley, who played his summer ball with Mo-Kan, came off the bench last season and averaged 8.5 points, 9 rebounds and 4 blocks a game. Not bad for a bench player, huh?

Coaches “like that he's 6-10 and athletic and he runs well, blocks a lot of shots, is a great defender and a great rebounder. There's teams that don't drive inside on the lane on us, they'll drive the other direction.”