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Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail League reshuffles

The Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail League has reshuffled the schools in its four divisions in response to the league's growth that includes three new schools over the next two years.

Maize South opened this fall but won't have a league schedule until 2010, while Wichita Collegiate was assigned to the league by the Kansas State High School Activities Association starting in 2010. Goddard Eisenhower opens in 2011.

Kingman is in its final season with the AV-CTL and plans to join the fledgling Central Kansas League in 2010.

The AV-CTL started as a 24-team, four division league, but under the new agreement, finalized today, the new format will have 26 teams with seven teams in Divisions I and II.

"Our standard league arrangement has been 6-6-6-6, and now we're adding two new schools in," said Marc Haught, Maize athletic director, of the additions of Collegiate and Goddard Eisenhower. "So we had to have two divisions of six, two divisions of 7. Where were we going to put the divisions of seven?"

Campus principal Myron Regier, the president of the AV-CTL, said it was a possibility to put seven in Divisons I and II or Divisions III and IV or Divisions II and III.

The first two options were the most viable because Divisions I and II, and Divisions III and IV often schedule each other in non-league games.

Having Divisions I and II as the two seven-team divisions also worked best because Goddard Eisenhower won't join the league until 2011.

If that is a six-team division, for one year they'd only have five," Regier said. "That's kind of an issue. That's one of the reasons that I and II ended up with seven."

The process of placing teams in the four divisions largely came down to size, geography and classification, Haught said.

Campus and Newton moved up from Division II to join Maize, Derby, Hutchinson, Salina South and Salina Central.

Goddard dropped down to Division II because when the school splits with Eisenhower, projections are they will both have about 600 students in 9-11th grades. Eisenhower will co-op with Goddard for the 2011 football season.

Andover and Andover Central moved up to Division II; both are now Class 5A schools. Rose Hill moves back up to Division III, while Winfield has moved down to Division III.

In Division IV, Collegiate and Maize South join Andale, Circle, Clearwater and Wellington

Division I






Salina Central

Salina South

Division II


Andover Central

Arkansas City


Goddard Eisenhower


Valley Center

Division III



El Dorado


Rose Hill


Division IV




Maize South


Wichita Collegiate