Varsity Kansas

Saturday’s Class 3A From Hutchinson

7:45 — The 2011 boys Class 3A basketball champion is…

Wait for it….

Scott City. Ron Baker gets an offensive rebound and scores with 2 seconds to go for the 55-53 win. Scott City led 47-38 with 4:05 to go but Minneapolis tied it 53-53 with 20 seconds left on a three-pointer by Casy Arganbright. Two great finishes here today and two deserving champions.

Thanks for spending the week with me. It’s been a lot of fun.

7:20 — As we end the week here in Hutchinson (and Scott City leads Minneapolis 42-35 in the boys championship game going to the fourth quarter; I’ll update soon with a final score), there are a couple things I wanted to get to on the blog and just didn’t for whatever reason.

First, Scott City’s Ron Baker has a perm and he’s in the mix for the Eagle’s All-State team. How rare is this combination? It couldn’t have happened since the early 1980s at the latest, right? I dig the perm, though. And Baker is like an upper-middle class version of Conner Frankamp. Except they’re really not similar players at all.

Also, WWE is in Wichita tonight, which I bring up for completely self-serving reasons. It has nothing to do with high school basketball, but the weekend is over and I can be a little extraneous, right? John Cena was working out today at Genesis near Central and Tyler, and there are facebook pictures to prove it.

That’s all for now. Be back with a final score of the boys game. Looks like Scott City is going to bring this one home. To Scott City.

5:30 — Collegiate girls win the Class 3A title, 43-41 in dramatic fashion over Jefferson North. Keep reading to get play-by-play of the final moments.

5:20 — Ashia Woods misses a free throw, then Jordan Kramer converts a three-point play to tie it 41-41 with 39.1 seconds to play. On Collegiate’s next possession, Kati Broberg is called for traveling. Jefferson North just used its last timeout with :21.2 seconds to go and will in-bound the ball near its bench.

Woods is now at the line after a huge blocked shot. She picked the ball up and raced down the floor, getting fouled in the process. She just hit both free throws and Collegiate leads 43-41 with 16.6 seconds to go. Jefferson North coach Steve Noll just admitted he may have made a mistake by using his last timeout when the Chargers had the ball. He gave Collegiate a chance to defend the in-bound play, and Woods came up with a big defensive effort.

Collegiate just got a steal and Jerica Skar was fouled. She’s at the line with 9.4 seconds to go. Misses. Jeff North is driving. Deep three-point shot to win by Jacee Kramer is off and Wichita Collegiate has won the Class 3A title. Jefferson North players are understandably inconsolable. Many are slumped over crying. This is my least favorite part about sports. I hate to see stuff like that. Makes me emotional, too.

5:15 — Collegiate is closing in, inch by inch. A great pass from Ashia Woods led to a basket by Jerica Skar that put the Spartans ahead of Jefferson North 41-38 with 1:08 to go. Jeff North still has two fouls to give, so it could be in trouble if it still trails in the final seconds. Skar’s dad, by the way, is Jeff Skar, a Collegiate assistant coach who used to be a girls assistant at North. Gotta love the Redskin connection! Jeff North just missed a three-pointer that gives the ball back to Collegiate with 53.7 seconds to play.

5 p.m. — Collegiate has taken the lead on Jefferson North after three quarters, 33-32. Ashia Woods scored two points in the quarter, and the Spartans got key shots from Jerica Skar, Sydney Lower, Veronica Taylor and Eledria Franklin. Collegiate will most likely go with its veterans to try to close out a state championship win.

4:46 — At the half, Jefferson North leads Collegiate 23-20 in the girls championship game. Both teams are playing well, which is good. Hate to see a team regretting a poor performance in the most important game, like, EVER! Ashia Woods has nine points and eight rebounds, but Collegiate will need contributions from other players, or a complete takeover by Woods, to win.

4:21 — Jefferson North leads Collegiate 13-12 after the first quarter. It was a disastrous start for the Spartans, who fell behind 12-2 after 3 1/2 minutes. They scored 1o of the final 11 points of the quarter and now have momentum going into the second. Ashia Woods, unofficially, has six points and six rebounds.

3:55 — Here we go! Just minutes away from the girls championship game between Collegiate and the Jefferson North girls from Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa. It’s really Winchester, Kansas, but I wanted to make a lame Mr. Deeds joke in my blog before the tournament was over. That was really the only purpose of this entry. Until…

Now they’re introducing several past 3A girls champions, among them the 2006 Collegiate girls, who have one representative. Jeez, the team is playing in the championship game TODAY, we can’t get a few more alumnae here? For crying out loud, the 1988 Silver Lake squad brought all the players, two student managers, six assistant principals, four paraeducators, the trainer, the student council treasurer, the captain of the chess club, five faculty representatives and the ex-husband of the head secretary. I figured Collegiate could do a little better.

3:20 — Collegiate beats Atchison County 62-50 to capture third place. The Spartans finished by outscoring ACCHS 17-6 in the fourth quarter, which included a 13-0 run. Kevin Richardson, the offensive star of the tournament for Collegiate, led the Spartans with 13 points. He was Collegiate’s leading scorer in every game this week, so that’ll earn him some love in tomorrow’s story. That’s all it takes, youngsters. Score a lot and get press. Don’t worry about passing or being a team player or anything, no matter what your parents and coaches say.

2:35 — Collegiate trails Atchison County 33-32 at half. It was 24-19 after the first quarter and I was like, Yeah! This is what third-place games are supposed to be like. But they couldn’t keep up that pace and now I’m not quite as enthusiastic. Instead of Yeah! I’m like, Oh!

There was kind of a funny story from yesterday that I forgot to share. Brent Maycock from Topeka asked Ashia Woods why she played with more activeness and, it appeared, enthusiasm than the day before. Woods said, ‘Well, I read the paper and it was saying I didn’t play very well…’ I guess she didn’t know I was the one who wrote the story, in which no mention was made of her not playing well. I wrote that she wasn’t her usual self on offense, and I guess that motivated Woods to be more aggressive and assertive. So I guess I’m the Tom Jackson of the Eagle, even though I wasn’t critical because I wanted to motivate Woods. It just worked out that way. By the way, this week I’ve compared myself to Kirk Herbstreit and now Tom Jackson. Pretty good company for me, wouldn’t you say? Let’s see what else I can do…hmm, I’ve been to Allen Fieldhouse, just like Dick Vitale! Pretty impressive, right?

1:30 — Guess who just came to say hello? It was the Effingham coach, John Wetig. Remember when I called him out yesterday for being a little too animated toward the officials? Well, he came by looking for Jeremy, and I assumed he meant me, so I looked up and introduced myself and we shook hands. Well, I didn’t introduce myself because I kind of like the name Jeremy and wanted to go with it. I felt sort of bad when I criticized him yesterday, but it was how I was feeling at that exact moment, and when people read this blog in 50 years they’re going to want an accurate depiction of all the game action as well as my thoughts, feelings and emotions. So I left it up. So today’s interaction with Wetig was a little nerve-(w)racking, but I think it went well. I told him that I sort of came over to his side about the officiating and that I wasn’t necessarily sticking to my words from yesterday. It was very cordial and now I’m a fan of the guy. Simple as that. John, I know you’re reading this, and I wanted to announce I’ve done a complete 180. You’re a good guy and referees have no place in high school basketball!

Also, someone just told me I look like Ewan McGregor. Discuss.

1:10 p.m. —

One, two, three and to the four…days at the 3A tourneyJeffrey Lutz is back and here to take you on a journey

OK, that’s the best I can do as far as freestyle rapping goes. And to be honest, that wasn’t really freestyle. It took me the whole drive from Wichita to Hutchinson to write that, and I was essentially stealing it from someone else. Musical composition is not in my future.

As you can see by my hip-hop lexicon, whatever that means, I’m back at the Frank W…ah, heck. I’ll just be up-front about it — there’s no such person as Frank W. Sports. I made him up. I know some of you have grown attached to the spiritual presence he brought to this blog and this tournament, but you’ll have to chalk those feelings up to some other reason, because it wasn’t Frank. It never has been Frank. I’m sorry.

Presently, Hillsboro is beating Thomas More Prep 38-21 in the fourth quarter of the girls third-place game. Or consolation game, as it has been dubbed by the KSHSAA. Im not sure how consoled I’d feel playing in front of 8 people, but that’s just me. Actually, there are way more than eight people here. Hays and Hillsboro are representing quite well, in fact.

Collegiate’s boys are up next, playing !#$*&@*ingham (Effingham) (Atchison County) in the boys Conso-place game. See, I combined them! I felt bad for Collegiate after its loss to Scott City last night because I like Mitch Fiegel and the boys. But I felt even worse for me because now I don’t get to cover a boys championship game. This rarely happens to me. I’m almost always involved somehow in the main event. Not this year.

That just means my efforts in producing a state championship-quality story go toward the Collegiate girls, who play undefeated Jefferson County in tonight’s title tilt. I originally put the odds of a Collegiate win at 40-60, but I’m upping it to 50-50 because Hillsboro, which lost to Collegiate in the semis, looks better against TMP than Jeff North did last night. Yeah, I’m basing a change of heart on the results of a third-place game. Not a wise move for a younger reporter, but I’m a veteran and I can do these things.

If Collegiate wins, I’ll feel happy for coach Terrence Phox, who has come close to a couple state titles, finishing second and third, without winning one. Phox took over, if my math is correct, the year after Chance Lindley guided the Spartans to the 3A title in 2006. He’s one of the nicest coaches around and it would be good to see him finally get over the hump. Same for Collegiate star senior Ashia Woods.