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Memories of a sports writer (or radio guy)

It’s not like everyone is asking me about my decision this week to leave Sports Daily, effective at the end of Friday’s show on KFH.

But enough are that I wanted to address it briefly in a blog post.

First of all, I’m leaving on my own accord. This is my decision, nobody else’s. And it took a while to make. Simply, doing this show isn’t as enjoyable for me as it once was. I love the medium of radio and hope to return to the airwaves somewhere down the line. Radio fits my caustic, acerbic, sarcastic and all-around sweet personality. It provides for a free flow of ideas and interaction with callers and listeners, which I covet.

Nothing will ever approach the enjoyment of writing for me. But being on radio is fun and something I’m thankful to have been able to do on this show for the past 13 years.

But the time has come to leave. I have a lot going on in my life right now thanks to the success (so far, there’s a long way to go) of League 42, our youth baseball league for kids who deserve the chance, the affordable chance, to play the great game. We’re going to be playing League 42 games soon and this endeavor has become my passion. I’m serving with a lot of great and like-minded people to whom I am dedicated.

I want to spend more time on League 42. I love League 42.

I appreciate everyone who has listened to Sports Daily over the years. It’s been a successful show; I can’t think of another local sports-talk show that’s been on the air for almost 14 years. It was fun working with Bruce Haertl and getting to know all of the people at Entercom radio, where I was able to rub shoulders every day with the likes of Ted Woodward, Steve McIntosh, Jack Oliver, Don Hall, Kim Dugger, Emily Stevens, Heather Larson, Greg (The Hit Man) Williams, Miranda Watkins, Tony Duesing, Brad Hornung, Jeree Short, Cathy Buss, Shane Dennis, Jackie Wise and many, many others. It was a blast.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds. I’ll be back on radio, I believe. But not for a while.