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Lists, lists, lists

Five favorite St. Louis Cardinals first basemen

1. Albert Pujols (I’m over him leaving and he gave the Cardinals 11 incredible seasons)

2. Keith Hernandez (although he became more known as a Met)

3. Richie Allen (his stay in St. Louis was brief, but exciting)

4. Bill White (from the old days when I first became a Cardinals fan)

5. Mark McGwire (I know, I know, HGH)

Five favorite Kansas City Kings (1972-73 through 1984-85)

1. Tiny Archibald

2. Scott Wedman

3. Sam Lacey (man, that guy could sweat)

4. Eddie Johnson

5. Ed Nealy

Five future NBA coaches who played for the Kings

1. Mike D’Antoni

2. Rick Adelman

3. Larry Drew

4. Matt Guokas

5. Mike Woodson

All-time great who was the Kings’ first head coach

Bob Cousy

Five others who you might be surprised played for the Kings

1. Lucius Allen (KC Wyandotte and UCLA legend)

2. Len Elmore

3. Jo Jo White (Kansas great)

4. Reggie Theus

5. Dave Robisch (Kansas great)

Ten favorite Wichita Aeros players

1. Richie Scheinblum

2. Buddy Bell

3. Chris Chambliss

4. Ted Ford

5. John Lowenstein

6. Joe Decker

7. Mike Krukow

8. Lee Smith

9. Bruce Sutter (OK, he wasn’t with the Aeros long, but he’s a Hall of Famer)

10. Harry Dunlop (old-school manager I got along with)

Favorite sports venues I’ve been to

1. Boston Garden, the old one

2. Busch Stadium, 1 and 2

3. Fenway Park

4. Wrigley Field

5. Staples Center, though never for a Lakers game

I’m ashamed to say I never made it to the old Yankee Stadium. The new one doesn’t hold the same appeal.

Five best City League boys basketball coaches

1. Steve Eck, South

2. Cy Sickles, East

3. Bill Himebaugh, South

4. Carl Taylor, Southeast and West

5. Joe Auer, Heights

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