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Lists, lists, lists

Got a list request? You know I’m all about lists and I’ll do my best to respond to any you put out there.

Until then, here are a few of my own.

10 athletes I adored as a kid

1. Bob Gibson

2. Dave Stallworth

3. Elvin Hayes

4. Pete Maravich

5. Lou Brock

6. Warren Armstrong (Jabali)

7. Kelly Pete

8. Jack Lambert

9. Walt Frazier

10. Roger Maris

10 favorite Eagles songs

1. One of These Nights

2. Hotel California

3. Those Shoes

4. Waiting in the Weeds

5. Witchy Woman

6. Already Gone

7. The Last Resort

8. Peaceful, Easy Feeling

9. Take It Easy

10. Busy Being Fabulous

5 guilty pleasures (food edition)

1. Long John Silver’s chicken plans with hush puppies

2. Mike and Ike’s (I can’t stop when I start)

3. Cheetos

4. The chicken fried rice at The Great Wall

5. Milk Duds (see 2)

5 things I think about more as I get older

1. My son and his family.

2. My friends and hoping they know how much they mean to me.

3. Spending time with my wife because it’s the best times I have.

4. Retiring. Will I be able to handle it emotionally? I’m not worried about the finances of retirement, and it’s not because I have money.

5. Doing something for Wichita. Making a contribution beyond what I do for a living.

5 places I want to golf

1. Pebble BeachI’m a sucker for a great-looking golf course and Sand Hills, near Mullen, Neb., fits the bill.2. Anywhere in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

3. Sand Hills, Mullen, Neb.

4. The Olympic Club, San Francisco

5. Prairie Dunes, Hutchinson (I’ve golfed there before, but I want to golf there again and again)

5 most-used phone apps

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. ESPN Sports Center

4. Pandora

5. Flixster