Bob Lutz

It's time for KU, K-State to play Shockers

Kansas is No. 1. Kansas State is No. 12. And Wichita State is getting votes in the Associated Press college basketball poll.

It's a great time to be a basketball fan in Kansas.

And while the stove is hot, what better time than to push once again for Kansas and K-State to start playing WSU annually.

This is something every fan in the state should want, something they should demand. There has been an unwillingness from K-State and KU to embrace a series with the Shockers. But I sense a thaw in that hard line, especially from K-State.

KU coach Bill Self has always been reluctant to entertain the notion of a series with WSU, but I think the new Intrust Bank Arena could be used to entice him.

Here's how:

I propose that KU and K-State sign five-year agreements to play the Shockers. Two of those games would be played at the Intrust Bank Arena; two at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. The fifth game of each series would be played in Lawrence (Allen Fieldhouse) and Manhattan (Bramlage Coliseum).

For the games in Wichita and Kansas City, tickets would be distributed evenly among the participating schools, resulting in as close to a neutral setting as possible.

The Intrust Bank Arena is a real player in this scenario. I would think KU and K-State would be interested in playing in that building in part, at least, to appease their Wichita-area boosters and graduates.

If WSU can get KU and K-State to agree to just a four-game series, with all the games at either Intrust Bank Arena or the Sprint Center, then more power to the Shockers. I think, though, that a concession of playing at K-State and KU once in five years could help get a deal done.

Not that it's a deal that's going to get done. I haven't talked to anyone at any of the schools about their thoughts on such a series. I don't need to; I'm pretty sure what they would say, at least publicly.

I'm more interested in your input. Does this notion have merit? If you don't think so, what are your ideas?

* For several years now, I have claimed that I don't have a rooting interest in an NFL team.

That's a lie.

The St. Louis Rams are my team. It started when they moved from Los Angeles to St. Louis in 1995.

Unfortunately, I am ashamed to admit my allegiance to the Rams, who are 1-13 this season, 1-23 in their past 24 games, 3-27 the past two seasons and 6-40 the past three.

I would rather wear a sack over my head than tell people I'm a Rams fan. I have turned my back on the franchise in an effort to preserve my well-being. I have discovered that football season is much less painful if I simply refuse to pay attention to the Rams.

But that's not right because the Rams need me more than ever. So, starting in 2010, I will again be a card-carrying St. Louis Rams fan.

* I just hope the Rams pick Nebraska defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh with their No. 1 pick in the NFL draft.

* I have done fine without any Tiger Woods news over the past 72 hours or so. In fact, I welcome the quiet.

I'm not one of those who doesn't think Woods' situation is a major story. It might be the story of the year in sports, unfortunately. I'm just tired of hearing about all of the other women and about where Tiger goes from here.

It's a very sad story because young children are involved. It carries an extra layer of sadness for those of us who so appreciated Woods not only as the greatest golfer of his or perhaps any other time, but also as a man who stood for the right things.

Or so we thought.

I don't think any of the jokes about Woods are funny. I don't think infidelity is funny.

I won't ever look at Woods the same way and that depresses me. I'm not a Tiger fan now and I doubt he can win me back.


* Have Josh Cribbs and Jerome Harrison been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame yet after their performance Sunday against the Chiefs?

* That was a nice, striking pose of J.T. Durley on the college basketball home page at Monday afternoon.

The Shockers are getting some play and deservedly so. I can't wait for the conference season to start; that's when we're going to learn a lot more about WSU and K-State.

I'm not sure, though, how much the Wildcats have to prove. They swept through a big four-game stretch by thumping Washington State, Xavier, UNLV and Alabama. Impressive stuff. The Cats are going to be a load for any team they play and have separated themselves as the best team in the Big 12 not named Kansas or Texas.

* My holiday plans involve movies. Lots and lots of movies. The top three on my list: "Invictus," "Up in the Air," and "Sherlock Holmes." I suppose "Avatar" is in there somewhere, although it's not really speaking to me.

I did see "The Blind Side,'' recently and loved it. Pretty schmaltzy in places, but a great story and they're not kidding about the acting of Sandra Bullock. I could see her in the Oscar chase for best actress.

* Don't forget to join me at from 1:30 until 2:30 Tuesday for my weekly online chat. It's been a lot of fun for me. I don't know about you. Also, you can be my friend on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I am nothing if not a social butterfly.

I tweeted from the WSU-Texas Tech game the other night. I'm not sure about all of this social networking stuff, but I have been able to find some old high school friends on Facebook. And by old, I mean "old."

* Any who doubts Chad Ochocinco's sincerity for briefly wanting the wear the uniform number of his late teammate, Chris Henry, during Sunday's game at San Diego should check themselves.

I don't doubt Ochocinco's motive, the way some people apparently do. I think his remorse for Henry, who died last week from injuries resulting from the fall out of a pickup truck, is genuine.

* Merry Christmas, everyone. My Monday online column, which needs a flashy name, will return in two weeks.