Bob Lutz

With this crash, I'm a rubber-necker

It's interesting when people get all high and mighty.

Listen, I don't buy The National Enquirer. I don't even look at the rag when I'm waiting to pay for my groceries. I have the TMZ website bookmarked, but I almost always forget about that and maybe take a look once every three months.

I'm not into celebrity gossip.

But I'm also not so disingenuous to say the Tiger Woods controversy (early morning car crash with tons of juicy unanswered questions) doesn't push a button.

Is it any of my business? Of course not. Do I want to know exactly what went on in the wee hours of Friday morning near the driveway of Woods' Windermere, Fla., mansion? Let me just say that I'll read whatever news comes out about this mess.

It doesn't mean I want the news to be bad. It doesn't mean I'll think less of Woods as a golfer if it is bad. I think it means I'm human and if somebody has some dirt on a celebrity of Woods' ilk, I'll jump in and get a little grimy.

Woods has made some of his many millions of dollars, at least, by portraying a squeaky-clean image and, up until now, living above the fray. But if there's something fishy going on as it pertains to this suspicious crash, most of us want the details.

It doesn't make us bad people; at least I hope not. I was living a perfectly normal life before this news on Woods came out and I'll continue living one whether or not there is anything salacious about the details.

I can separate rumors from fact and recognize that, for now at least, the Woods story is rumor-driven. But it is from rumors that many facts sprout, and I'm sure this will be no different.

Woods has fanned the flames of this story by refusing to talk to the Florida Highway Patrol, dropping out of his own charity golf tournament and putting out a strange statement on his Web site Sunday.

It read, in part:

"This situation is my fault, and it's obviously embarrassing to my family and me. I'm human and I'm not perfect. I will certainly make sure this doesn't happen again."

Sounds like he's addressing something more serious than a minor car accident, doesn't it?

He's human and not perfect? He's going to make sure this doesn't happen again? If he's going to make sure another car accident doesn't happen, then perhaps he is perfect and not human.

I hope this all works out for Woods, one of my favorite athletes. But that's just it — we only know him in the context of being an athlete. And even in that world, we barely get a glimpse.

Woods' personal life has been kept from us for a long time. That's fine with me; there's not much I wanted to know.

Until now. It's like a good mystery and while it might not be any of my business, I'm waiting for more details.


Matt Leinart, please hand your number to Vince Young. Oh, wait, he already has it.


Young's performance in Tennessee's come-from-behind, last-second win against Leinart's Arizona Cardinals on Sunday was the highlight of a drab NFL Sunday.

Who would have thought Young, an outcast during the Titans' 0-6 start, could lead his team on a 99-yard drive for a game-winner?

I'm still not buying stock in Young. But he has led Tennessee to five straight wins and passed for nearly 400 yards against Arizona.


Is there a New Jersey Nets fan in Wichita? In Kansas? In the United States?


I'm impressed with how some Missouri Valley Conference basketball teams have opened the season.

Perhaps the Valley will get two or even more teams into the NCAA Tournament. Northern Iowa, Bradley, Illinois State, Southern Illinois and Wichita State are off to good starts. So is Indiana State, which has won five games already.


There's a lot missing in Kansas high school football championship games. Did we really need five sites for five games Saturday? What about people who would like to see more than one game, but are forced to choose?

The Kansas State High School Activities Association needs move into the 21st century and make these games a bigger deal.

One interesting proposal I heard was that the KSHSAA and others should pitch in to refurbish Cessna Stadium and make it the permanent home to high school state football championships and an improved state track and field meet in the spring.

Just who those others would be, I'm not sure. But Wichita would be a great site for a football championship weekend. There could be two games on a Friday evening, starting at 6 and 8:30. And then three games on Saturday, at 1, 4 and 7.

Doesn't that sound better than having single state championship games at Topeka, Emporia, Salina, Hutchinson and Hays?


My Heisman top three going into some big weekend games: 1. Texas quarterback Colt McCoy; 2. Florida quarterback Tim Tebow; 3. Stanford running back Toby Gerhart.

There's still room to maneuver for McCoy and Tebow, depending on how they perform in conference championship games Saturday.


Charlie Weis will be better off back in the NFL, calling the offensive plays for somebody. He never really fit as a college coach and especially not at Notre Dame.

The Irish need an up-and-comer, somebody who can kick-start a program that isn't that far from being a real player. Notre Dame still has a lot going for it and Weis proved the Irish could still recruit top-flight talent.

Weis never figured out how to run a defense or be in charge. After the Irish lost at Stanford on Saturday night, Weis didn't meet with the media after the game. Recognizing his days were finished, he slipped out a side door.

Notre Dame can do so much better than Weis. Or than Bob Davie, George O'Leary and Tyrone Willingham. Has a school with more prestige ever had such a string of bad hires?