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Ask sports: What is the record for most home runs in a week?

What is the record for most home runs in a week?

Josh Hamilton will have a chance to match or surpass it today. On Saturday, Hamilton hit his ninth home run in a six-day span — highlighted by his four-homer game on Tuesday. If he hits a home run in today’s game against the Angels, he’ll tie the major-league record of 10 home runs over seven days set by Frank Howard of the Washington Senators in 1968. That version of the Senators is actually the same franchise as Hamilton’s Texas Rangers.

Howard hit his during a Sunday-Saturday stretch, making it a true week. He also hit all of his home runs in six consecutive games. In the first game of a doubleheader Thursday, Hamilton “failed” to hit a homer, breaking his consecutive game streak. With 18 homers so far in 34 team games, Hamilton is on pace for 85 for the season, if he played every game. In that same 1968 season Howard hit 17 home runs in his first 33 games. He finished with 44.

On Friday, Hamilton became the first player to hit at least eight homers in a five-game span since the Dodgers’ Shawn Green did that in 2002. Green’s streak also involved a four-home run game. Although Hamilton set the American League single-game record for total bases with 18, he couldn’t catch Green’s 19-base effort that day when Green went 6 for 6, with a double and a single to complement his homers.

Did Jered Weaver pitch a no-hitter against the Shockers?

Weaver, who pitched MLB’s second no-hitter of the season, faced Wichita State while he played for Long Beach State.

The future Angel, who finished second in Cy Young voting last season, didn’t no-hit the Shockers in college, but he did strike out a school-record 16 batters in six innings against WSU. If he had kept that pace up through nine innings it would have equated to 24 strikeouts.

Weaver pitched one season in Double-A, playing for the Arkansas Travelers. In his one appearance in Wichita, Weaver struck out five Wranglers in six innings, picking up the win. Of the three hits he allowed, two were from bunts.