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Teams that win one-game baseball playoffs just to get into the postseason seem to be at such a disadvantage. How have they fared historically?

Baseball remains the only major sport that adds an additional game if two or more teams tie for a playoff berth.

The Twins' early win Saturday left alive the possibility today's games involving the Tigers and Twins could result in a one-game playoff for the American League Central title on Tuesday.

If that occurs, it will be the eighth one-game playoff since divisional play began in 1969 and third consecutive year it has been needed.

The first came in 1978 as the Yankees memorably finished off their two-month comeback against the Red Sox to force the extra game for the AL East championship. New York won 5-4 on Bucky Dent's three-run homer. The Yankees then won the World Series for the second straight year.

In 1980, Houston defeated the Dodgers 7-1 in Game No. 163 for the NL West crown, before bowing to the Phillies in the National League Championship Series.

Seattle's Randy Johnson pitched the Mariners past the Angels 9-1 in the strike-shortened 1995 season for the AL West title. Seattle won its first playoff series against the Yankees, then lost to Cleveland in the ALCS.

In 1998, the Cubs beat the Giants 5-3 in the first one-game playoff for a Wild Card berth. Atlanta swept Chicago in the first round of the playoffs.

The Mets beat Cincinnati 5-0 for the NL Wild Card the next season, before New York lost to Atlanta in the NLCS.

As part of a stretch in which they won 14 of their last 15 games, the Rockies forced a one-game playoff for the 2007 NL Wild Card. They beat the Padres 9-8 in 13 innings and won their first seven postseason games before getting cold in the World Series.

Last season the White Sox beat the Twins 1-0 to win the AL Central. Chicago lost its first round series in four games.

Prior to 1969, MLB used multigame or one-game playoffs to break ties for the pennant.

The 1908 Cubs, 1946 Cardinals, 1948 Indians and 1959 Dodgers all won the World Series after winning an extra game or series.

The 1962 Giants lost in the Series after an NL tiebreaking playoff.

In possibly the most famous tiebreaker ever, the Giants defeated the Dodgers in three games in 1951 on Bobby Thompson's home run in Game 3. The Yankees won the World Series in six games.