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What is the baseball trade deadline? If there's a deadline, how come there are still trades after it?

The date normally referred to as the trade deadline passed on Friday.

Technically that is the non-waiver trade deadline. It is the last time during the season where teams may trade players without any restrictions.

Until Aug. 31, trades may still go through, but all players must first be placed on waivers.

Any other team, even those not involved in the trade, may claim a player put on waivers, if it is willing to pick up the current contract of the player.

If a player is claimed, the original holding club has the option to remove the player from waivers.

There have been instances where a team has claimed a player specifically to block him from going to a rival contender.

In one instance, the Yankees put in a waivers claim on Jose Canseco in 2000 in order to block him from other teams. Tampa Bay, which held Canseco's contract, was pleased to let him go to any team, and didn't withdraw the waiver.

The Yankees picked up the rest of that year's salary for Canseco, who played in 37 games for New York. He "helped" the Yankees win their most recent championship, seeing one postseason at-bat, in which he struck out against the Mets in the World Series.

After Aug. 31, teams can still make moves to pick up players. However, any player must be on a team's 40-man roster by that date in order to be eligible for the postseason roster.

In one famous trade, the Tigers acquired Fred Lynn from the California Angels on Aug. 31, 1988, as Detroit competed with Boston and Toronto for the American League East title.

A flight delay caused Lynn to report to his new team 10 minutes after the midnight deadline.

The AL ruled Lynn was ineligible for the Tigers playoff roster, despite the deal's completion earlier on Aug. 31.

The point was moot as Detroit finished a game behind Boston for the division title.