Hunting may begin at Quivira on Wednesday

Hunting is expected to resume at the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge on Wednesday morning. All hunting at the refuge was stopped Oct. 25 because of the presence of endangered whooping cranes.

Dan Severson, refuge manager, said no whoopers have been seen at Quivira in several days. It's believed no more whoopers will be migrating through Kansas this fall.

This year an estimated 31 whoopers were observed on or near the refuge. Wildlife viewers reported good sightings of the birds through Nov. 24.

Trips to Quivira should still provide good wildlife viewing for deer, waterfowl and other assorted birds. Severson said 83 bald eagles were recently observed around the Big Salt Marsh.

Hunting is only allowed in specified areas on Quivira for waterfowl and upland gamebirds and animals. Deer and wild turkey hunting is not allowed on Quivira. For more information go to www.fws.gov/quivira.