Outdoor schedules


Today — 3-D Shoot, Ninnescah Bowhunters, 111th South & 215th West, Clearwater. Call 316-788-7013.


Tuesday —"Waterbirds In And Around Wichita," Wichita Audubon Society meeting, Paul Griffin. Great Plains Nature Center. 7:30 p.m.

Saturday — Fall Nature Day at Chaplin Nature Center/Monarch Butterfly tagging, Wichita Audubon Society, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

Oct. 2 — Chisholm Creek Park cleanup, Wichita Audubon Society, 9 a.m. Great Plains Nature Center parking lot, call 316-788-0320 or mdcraigster@gmail.com.

Oct. 16 — Slate Creek Wetlands field trip, Wichita Audubon Society, 8 a.m. at Slate Creek Baptist Church. Call 620-660-0547 or youngg6264@yahoo.com.

Field Trials/Hunt Tests

Oct. 8-10 — Field Trial Premium List, Neosho Valley Brittany Club, near Yates Center, pre-registration required. Contact jeisch@madtel.net.

Oct. 15-17 — Retriever Field Trial, Sunflower Retriever Club, near Hazelton. Call 316-259-2009.

Oct. 15-21 — Field Trial Premium, Southern Kansas Brittany Club, near Eureka. For more information go to www.sksbc.org or call 316-733-6410.

Oct. 30-31 — Hunt Test, Southern Kansas Brittany Club, near Cheney Lake. For more information go to www.sksbc.org or call 316-733-6410.


Oct. 15-April 15 — Trout season, permit required.


Oct. 14 — Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks commission meeting, Elks Lodge, Goodland.


Below is the basic listing of hunting seasons. Please check regulations for boundary, limits and permit requirements at www.kdwp.state.ks.us.

Open year-round — Rabbit/hare season.

Through Oct. 31 — Dove season (first segment).

Through Oct. 31 — Bullfrog season.

Through Feb. 28 — Squirrel season.

Ends today — Youth/Disabled deer season.

Ends next Sunday — Low plains teal season.

Through Oct. 15 — Prairie chicken season, eastern zone.

Monday-Oct. 3 — Muzzleloader deer season.

Monday-Dec. 31 — Archery deer season.

Oct. 1-Nov. 30 — Fall turkey season (first segment).

Oct. 9-Dec. 5 — Low plains early zone duck season (first segment).

Oct. 9-Jan. 3 — High plains duck season (first segment).

Oct. 30-Nov. 7 — Canada, snow and white-fronted goose season (first segment).

Oct. 30-Jan. 2 — Low plains late zone duck season (first segment).

Nov. 6-14 — Dove season (second segment).

Nov. 10-Jan. 2 — White-fronted goose season (second segment).

Nov. 10-Jan. 6 — Sandhill crane season.

Nov. 10-Feb. 13 — Canada and snow goose season (second segment).

Nov. 13-Jan. 31 — Pheasant season.

Nov. 13-Jan. 31 — Quail season.

Nov. 20-Dec. 31 — Prairie chicken season, southwest zone.

Nov. 20-Jan. 31 — Prairie chicken season, east and northwest zones.

Dec. 1-12 — Firearms deer season.

Dec. 13-31 — Fall turkey season (second segment).

Dec. 18-Jan. 2 — Low plains early zone duck season (second segment).

Jan 1-9 — Antlerless whitetail season.

Jan. 10-16 — Extended antlerless whitetail season, units 7, 8 and 15.

Jan. 10-31 — Fall turkey season (third segment).

Jan. 22-30 — High plains and low plains late zone duck season (second segment).

Feb. 5-13 — White-fronted goose season (third segment).

Target shooting

Sept. 25 — NRA "Women on Target" shooting clinic, Chisholm Trail Antique Gun Association, pre-registration required. Contact Jim Fry at 316-788-5026 or ctagawot@att.net.