Lake Levels



Big Hill858.0858.2921

Cedar Bluff2144.02128.300



Council Grove1272.51272.966

El Dorado1339.01339.0860

Elk City794.0795.96595

Fall River947.9949.371054




John Redmond1039.01037.902902














Table Rock915.0915.679267





Tuttle Creek1075.01082.7410,000




Fishing Report


Cheney: White bass fair in the river and creeks with decent current using jigs or live bait. Wipers good in shallow water on warm days trolling jigs and plugs. Walleye good from the dam or on the flats. Crappie fair near rocks using live bait. Catfish fair on windblown shorelines using shad sides or other cutbait.

Council Grove: Catfish fair on windy shorelines using shad sides. Saugeye fair to good using crankbaits and swimbaits along the dam or rocky shorelines, especially points, in water less than 4' deep. White bass fair on jigs, spoons or crankbaits off mainlake points and channel breaks. Crappie fair in 12-18 feet of water near breaks with brush or timber using jigs or minnows.

Cowley SFL: Crappie fair using jigs or minnows on breaks close to cover in water 8-14 feet deep. Catfish fair using shad sides or guts. Largemouth bass fair in shallow water on warmer days with spinnerbaits and jerkbaits or with jig-n-pig in deeper water on cooler days.

El Dorado: Wipers fair throwing crankbaits, jigs or inline spinners on shallow flats. White bass fair on channel breaks using jigs or spoons. Crappie fair to good on jigs or minnows in brush in water from 8 to 16 feet deep. Catfish fair along windy shorelines on shad sides. Walleye good using neutrally buoyant swimbaits, crankbaits, bucktails and jigs or vertically jigging along breaks in deeper water off rocky shorelines and rocky points.

Kingman SFL: Crappie good around brushpiles using minnows and jigs. Catfish good on windy shorelines using shad sides or cut bait. Largemouth bass fair using slow-moving spinner baits or minnows around brush. Northern pike fair using bass lures around vegetation.

Marion: Catfish very good in shallow water using dip baits. Crappie fair using jigs or minnows in deeper water around brush and around the rocks on the dam. Walleye good using a jig-n-crawler on the flats and along the dam at night. White bass good using spinners and grubs off the dam, rocky points near deep water and in the river.

McPherson SFL: All species slow.


Fall River: Crappie fair around brush at Ladd Bridge and river and below riffles in river and Otter Creek using minnow or small jig. White bass fair using small jigs below confluence of Otter Creek and Fall River and both sides of the narrows on Fall River and Otter Creek.

Glen Elder: Crappie fair in deep brushpiles off the bluffs, campground 3 fish attractor, off the swimming beach point and near the Cawker City causeway using minnows and tube jigs. White bass fair using green or white twistertails on the Cawker and Granite Creek causeway, as well as the north bank near the dam. Walleye fair to good casting floating rapalas, dark jigs, x-raps, and twistertails parallel along the dam or try walk trolling. Smallmouth bass fair to good casting jointed crankbaits, slow-rolling spinnerbaits and soft plastics in 6-8 feet of water along the dam. Catfish fair in the rivers using nightcrawlers and prepared baits.

Kanopolis: Catfish fair in the back of the coves, the outlet area and the river with shad sides and gizzards. Crappie fair with jigs or minnows in deeper brushpiles. Walleye/saugeye fair along the dam using dark-colored jigs or floating Rapalas late in the evenings until 11 p.m. in the rocks. White bass fair using white jigs, roadrunners and shad-colored crankbaits in the upper river channel. Wipers slow to fair using bucktail jigs on points with the wind blowing in.

Kirwin: Walleye fair using jigs and crankbaits off the dam. Crappie good around the Bluegill and Crappie point fish attractors using jigs.

Lovewell: Walleye fair casting floating Rapalas, X-raps and jigs along the dam and south shore. White bass/wipers fair on the windblown side of the lake using crankbaits, spoons or kastmasters. Crappie fair to good using tube jigs, spoons, minnows and slab spoons around deep brushpiles and other submerged structure off Cedar and Cabin Points. Catfish fair in coves on the windblown side of the reservoir using dead or dying shad.

Milford: Catfish good on shad in the upper end along windy banks for blues; in the river on shad and worms for channels. Crappie good on jigs and minnows in deep brush near coves in 10 feet of water. Walleye good along the dam on minnow baits. Black bass fair using jerkbaits near points in creek arms. Outlet good using shad and jigs for catfish, white bass, wipers and walleye during water releases.

Norton: Wipers fair along the east side of Leota Cove using jigs. Crappie fair around the marina slips and public fishing dock using jigs and jig-n-minnows. Catfish fair using jigs, shad, shrimp and nightcrawlers off the public fishing dock, up the west end and in shallow portions of coves.

Toronto: White bass fair using small jigs below riffles in Walnut Creek and the river. Crappie fair around brush in river, Walnut Creek, Mann's Cove, Toronto Cove and brush on both sides of Duck Island with small jig or minnow.

Tuttle Creek: Catfish fair using shad on wind swept banks or in the river upstream of the reservoir.

Webster: Wipers/white bass fair using jigs off the bridge by Bow City and off the south shore drifting jig-n-crawlers or minnows close to drop offs. Crappie fair off the bridge by Bow City, and the North and South fish attractors using jigs. Walleye fair along the dam and along the bluffs with jigs and crankbaits during late afternoon/early evenings.

Wilson: Catfish slow to fair in the backs of coves or the river areas using shad sides and gizzards. Stripers fair to good using cut bait in the upper end and back of coves, such as Hell Creek and Horseshoe Bend. Walleye fair on the dam and rocky areas using dark-colored jigs and floating Rapalas. White perch good using small white jigs and roadrunners in the back of Hell Creek, Horseshoe Bend, off points and the dam.