Dec. 6 — 3-D shoot, Salthawk Archery, Hutchinson, 8-10 a.m. trickle start. Call 620-665-5139.

Field Trials/Hunt Tests

Ends today — Field Trial, Springer Spaniel Club of Central Kansas, Spivey. Call 316-371-4777.

Ends today — Regional Championship Walking Field Trial, Wichita Bird Dog Club, Piedmont. Call 316-641-8144.

Ends today — AKC Hunt Test, Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Yoder. Call 580-716-2787.


Until further notice — Polk Daniels Lake, in Howard, closed to all activities for repairs.


Nov. 12 — Sportsmans Banquet Dinner, Ringneck Rustlers Pheasants Forever Chapter, Cotillion Ball Room, 11120 W. Kellogg. Call 316-942-0707 or 316-706-9399.

Jan. 7 — Kansas Wildlife and Parks Commission meeting, Kansas Wetlands Education Center, Great Bend. Call 620-672-5911.


Below is the basic listing of hunting seasons. Please check regulations for boundary, limits and permit requirements at www.kdwp.state.ks.us.

Open year-round — Rabbit/hare season.

Through Saturday — Dove season (first segment).

Through Dec. 6 — Low plains early zone duck season (first segment)

Through Dec. 31 — Archery deer season.

Through Feb. 28 — Squirrel season.

Thursday-Dec. 1 — Fall turkey season (first segment)

Saturday-Nov. 8 — Canada, white and white-fronted goose seasons (first segment)

Saturday-Jan. 3 — Low plains late zone duck season (first segment)

Nov. 7-8 — Youth pheasant and quail season.

Nov. 7-15 — Dove season (second segment)

Nov. 11-Jan. 3 — White-fronted goose season (second segment)

Nov. 11-Feb. 14 — Canada and white goose season (second segment)

Nov. 14-Jan. 31 — Pheasant and quail season.

Nov. 20-Feb. 28 — Exotic dove season (collared and ringed-turtle doves).

Nov. 21-Dec. 31 — Prairie chicken season, southwest zone.

Nov. 21-Jan. 31 — Prairie chicken season, eastern and northwestern zones.

Dec. 2-13 — Firearms deer season.

Dec. 14-31 — Fall turkey season (second segment).

Dec. 19-Jan. 3 — Low plains early zone duck seasons (second segment)

Jan. 1-10 — Whitetail deer without antlers, selected units.

Jan. 11-31 — Fall turkey season (third segment).

Jan. 23-31 — Low plains late zone duck season (second segment)

Feb. 6-14 — White-fronted goose season (third segment)