Lake levels, fish and waterfowl reports

Lake Levels



Big Hill858.0858.6072

Cedar Bluff2144.02127.400



Council Grove1274.01274.75151

El Dorado1339.01339.98255

Elk City795.7802.8512

Fall River946.5964.101890




John Redmond1040.81042.401567














Table Rock915.0915.049546





Tuttle Creek1075.01080.242117




Fishing Report


Council Grove: Catfish fair in the mainlake drifting shad and in the creeks using crawlers. Saugeye fair near shore in water 2-5 feet deep trolling crankbaits. White bass good on points or along the dam trolling, casting or vertical fishing shad-like baits. Wipers fair, being caught along with white bass. Crappie fair along the face of the dam in 12-15 feet of water.

El Dorado: Wipers fair along the dam and off points trolling crankbaits and casting jigs and spinners. White bass fair on jigs, crankbaits and spinners off windblown points, shallow rocky shorelines and along the dam. Crappie fair on minnows or jigs up the creeks and along the dam and other rocky shorelines. Catfish fair on the flats drifting shad. Walleye fair in 6-15 feet of water trolling crankbaits. Trout good on Powerbait and micro-sized brown jigs fished under a float.

Marion: Catfish fair using dip bait. Crappie good around the rocks along the dam and deep-water brush.


Glen Elder: Crappie fair to good in the marina boat slips, off the Campground 3 brushpile, off the south bluffs and under the causeway bridge with a variety of jigs including Panfish Assassins. White bass fair to good casting slabs, roadrunners and small crankbaits along the north shore in Marina Cove, Osage Cove and the north end of the dam. Trout fair to good, with first batch of trout stocked on the 19th. Best bait will be Powerbait, small worms and a variety of lures.

Kanopolis: Crappie fair to good on jigs from the Yankee Run docks. Rainbow trout fair to good using Power Bait, corn, cheese, lures and flies. Walleye/saugeye fair using slab spoons and shad-colored crankbaits along shorelines. White bass good with slab spoons off windy points and underwater humps.

Waterfowl Report

Canada goose, through Feb. 14

White-fronted Goose, through Jan. 3; Feb. 6-14

Light Goose, through Feb. 14

Sandhill Crane, through Jan. 7

Low Plains Early Zone Duck Season, through Dec. 6; Dec. 19-Jan. 3

Cedar Bluff: Water level is 16.6 feet below conservation level. Approximately 3,000 to 4,000 ducks present, mostly wigeon, gadwall and teal with a few mallards. Approximately 300 Canada and a few white-fronted geese present also. Hunting conditions fair, with water just at the edge of vegetation. Success expected to be fair, with low hunting pressure.

Cheyenne Bottoms WA: Approximately 40,000-60,000 ducks are on the area. Also present are 100,000-200,000 geese, mostly white-fronts. Pool 1A, 22 inches; Pools 1B and 1C, 13 inches; Pool 2, 19 inches; Pool 3A, 11 inches, Pool 4B, 19 inches. Pools 3B, 4A and 5 are dry. Conditions are good to excellent. Success rated fair.

Jamestown WA: Approximately 2,000-4,000 ducks present, mostly mallard, pintail and redhead. Approximately 400 Canada geese present. Habitat conditions are good. Success is good.

McPherson Valley Wetlands: Approximately 8,000 ducks are using the units. Also present were 2,500 geese. All units in the Big Basin and Chain of Lakes units have good huntable water. Most pools in Farland Lake Unit, except pools 3 & 16, have huntable, but variable, water depths. Success expected to be good. All areas east of K61 are in late zone.

Low Plains Late Zone Duck Season, through Jan. 3; Jan. 23-31

Byron Walker: Approximately 200 ducks are using the area, in addition to 40 Canada geese. Marshes are full or filling. Lake and marshes provide good huntable water. Success should be fair.

Council Grove: Lake is 0.8 feet above conservation pool, with 50 ducks present. Hunting conditions rated fair. Success expected to be poor.

El Dorado: Water level is 1.0 feet above conservation pool. Approximately 800-1,000 ducks, mostly gadwall, wigeon, mallards and divers, are on the area. Also present are 200-300 Canada geese. Hunting conditions rated fair to good. Success expected to be fair.

Fall River: Water level is 17.6 feet above conservation pool. Approximately 100 ducks. Hunting conditions rated poor. Success expected to be poor.

Glen Elder: Water level is 0.6 feet above conservation pool. There are 12,900 mallards, wigeon, wood ducks, gadwall, shoveler, pintails, redheads, scaup and teal present, along with 5,000 white-fronted, 16,500 snow and 4,000 Canada geese. Hunting conditions rated good, with vegetation flooded in low areas. Success rated fair for ducks, excellent for geese.

Kanopolis: Water level is 1.0 feet below conservation pool. Nearly 600 ducks, primarily teal, gadwall, wigeon and some mallards, are present. Hunting conditions are poor to fair. Success expected to be poor to fair.

Lovewell: Water level is 3.6 feet below conservation pool. Approximately 600 ducks, including divers, teal and mallards, are present on the area. Hunting conditions fair, with extensive mud flats and little cover to conceal hunters. Success expected to be fair.

Marais des Cygnes: Approximately 20,000 ducks of mixed species are present, with a few geese. Most pools, except C-South, have good water. Habitat conditions are rated good. Success expected to be fair to good.

Marion: Water is 0.2 fet above conservation pool. Approximately 200 ducks are present, as well as 100 Canada and 1,000 snow geese. Hunting conditions rated good. Hunting success expected to be fair.

Neosho: Approximately 15,000-17,000 ducks, mostly teal, gadwall, wigeon, wood duck, pintail and mallards, are on the area. Also present are 1,500 white-front, 6,000 snow and 250 Canada geese. Refuge pool is full. There is water in Pools 1, 2, 4, Upper pool 5, 6, 8 and South unit. Habitat is exceptional. Hunting success expected to be good.

Quivira: Quivira is currently closed to hunting. Whooping cranes were sighted at the Refuge on November 4 and are still present.

Toronto: Water is 14.4 feet above conservation pool. Very few ducks were on the area. Hunting conditions are poor. Success expected to be poor.

Tuttle Creek: Water is 5.2 feet above conservation pool. Approximately 4,500 dabblers and divers are present. Hunting conditions are excellent in the lake, good at Black Vermillion and some water in Fancy Creek marsh. Hunting success should be good.

Webster: Water is 1.6 feet above conservation pool. Area used by 5,000-6,000 assorted ducks, and 2,000 white-fronted and Canada geese. Hunting conditions are good, with flooded vegetation along south shoreline and western end of reservoir. Success rated fair to good.

High Plains Duck Season, through Jan. 5; Jan. 23-31

Norton WA: Water level is 10.0 feet below conservation pool. About 2,000 ducks, including teal, shovelers, wigeon, pintail, redhead and gadwall, are present, as well as 400 Canada and 50 snow geese. Hunting conditions are good, with lots of flooded vegetation. Hunting success is fair.