Lake and fishing reports

Lake Levels



Big Hill858.0858.2317

Cedar Bluff2144.02127.160



Council Grove1274.01274.0617

El Dorado1339.01338.8911

Elk City795.7806.303164

Fall River946.5949.132932




John Redmond1040.81040.011688














Table Rock915.0916.970





Tuttle Creek1075.01078.68200




Fishing Report


Cheney: White bass fair to good trolling small to medium-sized crankbaits. Wipers fair with small to medium-sized crankbaits trolled at 3 mph.

Council Grove: Catfish fair in the main lake drifting live shad and in the creeks using crawlers. Saugeye fair along windy points or shorelines in less than 3 feet of water using shad-imitating crankbaits or plastic on a jig. White bass fair in the mainlake trolling crankbaits. Crappie fair in 8-11 feet near brush or channel breaks and along the face of the dam.

El Dorado: Wipers fair along windy points and the dam trolling crankbaits and casting jigs and spinners. White bass fair on jigs, crankbaits and spinners on jigs, crankbaits and spinners off windblown points and along the dam. Crappie fair in creeks and along channel breaks using minnows. Catfish fair with stinkbaits and crawlers along windy shorelines and with liver in coves. Walleye fair in 6-15 feet of water trolling crankbaits.

Marion: Catfish fair with stinkbait and sponge baits. Crappie fair around deep-water brush. Walleye fair using jig-n-crawler on the flats. White bass excellent on rocky points near deep water and off the dam with spinners and grubs. Wipers excellent on points and drops using crankbaits and curly-tailed grubs.


Fall River: Catfish fair in the outlet and on setlines in Fall River and Otter Creek on worms, shad sides and stinkbaits. Largemouth bass poor. White bass poor.

Glen Elder: Crappie fair to good using small jig-n-minnows over deep brushpiles off Campground 3, swimming beach point and the bluffs. White bass fair to good in Osage Cove, near the swimming beach and around the north end of the dam trolling rattletraps and shad raps. Wipers fair in northeast corner of the reservoir. Walleye fair trolling a variety of lures in the Walnut Creek area. Catfish fair to good using sunfish, goldfish and crayfish on setlines along the river channels.

Kanopolis: Channel catfish good with fresh cut bait over chummed humps. White bass good to excellent with slab spoons off windy points and underwater humps. Wipers fair off windy points with bucktailed jigs or slab spoons and with live shad on deeper points.

Milford: Black bass fair with smallmouths along deeper gravel/rock points on jigs, crankbaits and carolina rigs and largemouths on jigs and crankbaits along ledges 5-10 feet deep. Catfish good in the river and along edges of windy flats 10 feet deep using shad, shrimp and worms. Crappie fair using jigs-n-minnows in water 10-20 feet deep near channel ledges and points with brush along coves. Walleye fair on jig-n-crawler along deep edges of flats and near points 20-30 feet deep, trolling crankbaits near steep rocky main lake points and along river channel bends on jigging spoons. White bass good near points trolling crankbaits, near humps using jigs and along rocky points and causeways on jigs and spinners. Wiper good on shad and spoons near humps.

Toronto: Catfish good using worms, shad sides or stinkbaits in the outlet and on setlines in the river and Walnut Creek. Largemouth bass poor. White bass poor. Crappie poor.

Tuttle Creek: Catfish good in the reservoir on wind-swept points with shad and fair in the tailwaters on cut bait. Crappie fair on jig-n-minnow in the reservoir next to standing timber in 10 feet of water and near docks, channels and structure in the River Pond. White bass fair on deeper rocky points. Saugeye fair on jigs and crankbaits in the tubes and Rocky Ford and on live bait in the River Pond.

Webster: Walleye fair with jig, jig-n-minnow or jig-n-crawler along the South shore road or trolling diving lures around the dam, bluffs and old swim beach. Wipers/white bass good along the dam, the bluffs and off the Rock Point breakwater trolling diving lures. Crappie good over the fish attractors, east of the bait shop, along the South shore road, up in Rock Point Cove off the public dock and along the breakwaters using jigs, and jig-n-minnow.

Wilson: Catfish fair to good using cut baits off the docks in Marshall Cove. Crappie fair using roadrunners in brushpiles and weedbeds. Stripers fair using slab spoons and bucktail jigs on the points. Walleye fair on the points and river channel breaks in the upper end using green and orange jigs and slab spoons. White bass fair using white twister-tailed jigs, slab spoons and roadrunners around flooded weedbeds. Black bass good to excellent; for smallmouths, on the rocky points and in the flooded weedbeds using topwater lures, beetle spins and small spinner baits; and using spinner baits, plastic worms and topwater frogs in the flooded vegetation for largemouth bass.

Waterfowl Report

Low Plains Early Zone Duck Season, Youth Early Zone, Saturday-Sunday

Cheyenne Bottoms WA: Approximately 5,000-10,000 ducks are present, with a fair number of big ducks. Pool 1A, 29 inches; Pool 1B and 1C, 15 inches; Pool 2, 14 inches; Pool 3A, 10 inches; Pool 3B, 18 inches; Pools 4A, 4B and Pool 5 are dry. Hunting conditions are good to excellent. Success rated fair.

Jamestown WA: Approximately 1,800 teal and 1,000 big ducks, including wood duck, pintail, mallard and northern shoveler, are present. Hunting conditions are excellent. Success expected to be good.

McPherson Valley Wetlands: Approximately 3,500 ducks, including teal, pintail, northern shovelers, wood ducks, gadwalls, mallards and wigeon, are present on the area. Hunting conditions are good. Success expected to be good. All areas east of K-61 are in late zone and closed to waterfowl hunting.

Texas Lake WA: A few teal are in the area. Pools 1, 2, 3D, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are full. There is water north of pool 6. Best opportunities are in pools 1, 2, 6, 8 and 9. Hunting success expected to be poor.

High Plains Duck Season, Youth High Plains Zone, Saturday-Sunday

Norton WA: Water level is 10.5 feet below conservation pool. About 300 teal and a few large ducks are present. Hunting conditions are good. Hunting success expected to be fair.