Wichita Thunder

CHL Report: He's a winner

The Thunder knows that Jay Henderson, a veteran forward who will soon join the team, can provide a winning attitude.

He is, after all, one of only two players to win the American Hockey League's Calder Cup with three teams.

The Thunder hopes he can fill another need, that of scorer for the offensively-challenged team.

Henderson's lengthy career, which includes more than 600 games, doesn't indicate he'll be a sniper in Wichita.

But interim coach Jason Duda thinks Henderson's abundant experience at higher levels — he played 33 games in the NHL, parts of seven seasons in the AHL — will allow him to be an offensive contributor in the Central Hockey League.

Henderson won't be available until next weekend while his immigration paperwork is being processed, general manager Joel Lomurno said.

Henderson was recommended to Duda by current Thunder vet Glenn Detulleo and former player Pat Stachniak.

"He should be a good addition," Duda said. "Everything I've been told by guys I trust is that he's a good guy and a good hockey player."


* The rumor mill had the Thunder making a big play for Colt King in the offseason. Instead, he signed with Rapid City, so he remains a Thunder killer. Last year with Rocky Mountain, he scored 12 points and was plus-7 in eight games against Wichita. In the Thunder's meeting with Rapid City this season, he had a goal and was plus-2.

* Thunder defenseman Mark Adamek, who scored two power play goals 14 second apart in a loss to Tulsa, was up for the CHL's performance of the week. The award was won by Tulsa's T.J. Caig, who scored two goals in each of the Oilers' three wins.

* With solid play from Scott Campbell and the recent addition of Jon Horrell, the Thunder seems to be surviving the absence of Tim Boron. "Jonny played very well in his first game and Campbell has been absolutely fantastic — he just can't any breaks," Duda said.


The Thunder isn't helpless in the third period anymore. The team has scored in the third five games in a row.


Wichita remains last in the league in scoring at 2.13 goals per game — even worse than last year's 2.63, also last.


You are very welcome, Thunder fans. Someone in high places finally listened to my criticism and dropped the dopey "who has the worst furniture" promotion. I may never win a Pulitzer, but I can rid the world of awful in-game "entertainment," one poor promotion at a time.


Probably time for the Thunder to rid the website of prominent pictures of Brent Bilodeau, who was fired, and Chris Greene, who doesnt play for the team anymore. The link to my blog can stay.



Number of points newcomer Jason Deleurme has in four games.


"Maybe it's because our style is a little different now, and that gives guys a little more room in the third period. Maybe guys are a little fresher. Maybe we're just getting a couple bounces. Who knows."

—Duda on the third-period scoring