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NBC World Series: Seattle makes quick work of Capahas

Seattle Studs starter David Benson did his best to make quick work of the Plaza Tire Capahas on Tuesday afternoon in his team's 8-2 win at the NBC World Series. He had plenty of motivation for getting off of the mound and into the dugout.

"I was trying to get out of there and have a quick one to get back into the shade," Benson said. "As a pitcher you've got to try and work ahead and let our defense play behind us. We've got a really good defense behind us."

The teams, motivated by another day of record-setting hear in Wichita, played nine innings in a brisk 1 hour, 56 minutes.

Benson, who got the win, didn't waste any time when on the mound. He was ahead in the count for most batters he faced in his six innings of work.

The only two runs he surrendered were the result of a two-run home run in the fourth inning on a pitch that Benson said got away from him. With two balls and no strikes, Josh Eftink hit a two-out homer to left-center, scoring Daryl Graham. His homer gave the Capahas, from Cape Girardeau, Mo., a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Seattle countered in the bottom of the fourth. With the bases loaded and no outs, Seattle designated hitter David Corrigon hit a three-run double to left-center that got past the outstretched glove of Eftink. The Studs took a 3-2 lead and added another run before the inning was over. They struck again with another four-run inning in the sixth to put the game out of reach.

Corrigon said his time at the NBC World Series has been a blast. He said that in Seattle there may only be a few days throughout the year when the temperature nears 100, but for a guy that's been out of baseball for a couple of years the heat isn't going to ruin his experience.

"I graduated in '07 from Western Oregon University and I've just been working and took a couple of years off," Benson said. "Last summer they gave me the chance to play at the tournament and I did pretty well. I got that fire back in my eyes to come play again. This year I've been playing all season and I've been enjoying it a lot."

There's been a lot to enjoy — Tuesday's win improved the Studs to 46-5 this summer.

Benson said his team's bats have been a huge reason for the success.

"Our offense is incredible," Benson said. "They show up to play everyday and know how to put runs on the board. Sometimes it takes them a few times through the lineup, but they always show up."

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