NBC Baseball

FIU star Wittels ready to take on NBC

The Kenai Peninsula Oilers have yet to play a game in the NBC World series, so the thought of a hot streak is irrelevant at this point.

However, when they do finally get a chance to take field there's no doubt that the Oilers will look for a little bit of infielder Garrett Wittels' magic at the plate to carry over.

Wittels ended his junior season with the Panthers Florida International on a 56-game hitting streak and would like to help his summer-league team from Kenai out in any way he can.

"Our coaches have done a good job of making me very comfortable out there in Alaska, especially the last couple of weeks with adjusting to the climate," Wittels said." They've done a good job of getting our team ready to play. We're definitely in this tournament to win it."

Wittels will likely approach the plate with the same conviction that he used while playing for his college squad — focusing more on the game than his personal stats.

"Sometimes my team needs me to get a sac bunt or my teams needs me to walk. It all just depends on what they need from me," Wittels said. "I just go out there and try to help my team every game."

Wittels said the only time he really focuses on protecting the plate and getting a hit is when a game is out of reach and he has had a bad night at the plate.

Wittels said he has a little bit more motivation thanks to the welcoming weather of Wichita.

"I like it a lot. Especially because I'm from Miami. I'm used to this heat," he said. "Being out there and being able to sweat all the time is definitely a good thing."