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Midwestern skating wraps up today

Eliot Halverson has had success at every level on his way up the figure-skating ladder.

Halverson earned national championships at the novice, intermediate and junior levels before he moved up to the senior division three years ago. He showed no signs of stopping that success Friday night at Wichita Ice Center.

Halverson finished second with a score of 64.47 in the men's short program at the Midwestern Sectionals.

"I skated really well tonight," Halverson said. "This is my highest-scoring short program of the year so far. I would really like to do a clean long program tomorrow and get another season's best to qualify for nationals."

Skating begins at 8 a.m. today with novice dance. The seniors' long program will start at 4:54 p.m.

Alexander Johnson, from Braemar, Minn., finished first in the senior men's short program with a score of 71.86.

Chelsea Morrow, the collegiate national champion, is in first in the senior women after the short program with a score of 50.91.

Another solid performance today in the long program could send Halverson to his sixth overall national competition and third as a senior.

He finished 13th in the last two competitions.

Halverson has never won a sectional as a senior, but finished second last year.

"Senior is my next task," Halverson said.

Halverson, from Ann Arbor, Mich., had one of his better short programs, as he tends to make up ground in the free skate.

"I tend to like the long programs better, short is usually my weakness," Halverson said. "Both years at nationals I was really low in the short and pulled up in the long."

The two teams from Wichita Figure Skating Club advanced to nationals.

Katie Donaldson and Brock Jacobs are in fourth place after two events in junior dance with a score of 56.26. They will finish today at 12:51 p.m. with their free dance.

Brynn Suellentrop and Quinn Chambers finished fifth overall in juvenile dance with a combined score of 58.99.

At Wichita Ice Center


Pairs short program—1. Kendra Moyle and Steven Pottenger, Dallas FSC, 54.49; 2. Jesica Rose Paetsch, Broadmoore SC, and Drew Meekins, Skating Club of Boston, 53.16; 3. Andrea Best and Trevor Young, Detroit SC, 52.55.

Men's short program—1. Alexander Johnson, Braemar-City of Lakes FSC, 71.86; 2. Eliot halverson, Ann Arbor FSC, 64.47; 3. Parker Pennington, Winterhurst FSC, 62.00.

Women's short program—1. Chelsea Morrow, Greater Grand Rapids FSC, 50.91; 2. Kayla Howey, DuPage FSC, 45.71; 3. Callie Sheehan, Broadmoor SC, 40.04.


Pairs final—1. Carolyn-Ann Alba, All Year FSC, and Christopher Knierim, Broadmoor, Colo., 131.55; 2. Gretchen Donlan, Skating Club of Boston, and Andrew Speroff, Broadmoor SC, 115.30; 3. Megan Gueli and Gabe Woodruff, Detroit SC, 108.28.

Dance short program—1. Rachel Tibbetts, Broadmoor Skating Club, and Collin Brubaker, All Year FSC, 44.20; 2. Piper Gilles and Zachary Donohue, Broadmoor SC, 39.65; 3. Kristen Nardozzi, Chicago FSC, and Robert Cuthbertson, Stars FSC of Texas, 39.11.

Men's short program—1. Max Aaron, Broadmoor SC, 69.28; 2. Jason Brown, Skokie Valley SC, 68.48; 3. Joshua Farris, Broadmoor SC, 62.28.

Women's short program—1. Agnes Zawadzki, Broadmoor SC, 59.33; 2. McKinzie Daniels, Springfield FSC, 52.11; 3. Mary Beth Marley, DuPage FSC, 50.49.