Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs waive hometown player Josh Caldwell, sign a tight end

Two days after he scored a touchdown at Arrowhead Stadium, running back Josh Caldwell, who played at Lee’s Summit North High School, was waived Monday by the Chiefs.

Caldwell finished the scoring in the Chiefs’ 38-17 victory over the Bengals in Saturday’s preseason opener with a 4-yard run. On the previous play, he had rumbled 47 yards. He finished the game as the team’s leading rusher.

With Caldwell gone, the Chiefs signed a tight end: Manasseh Garner, who has played in five organizations. The first was the Chiefs in 2015 as an undrafted free agent.

Garner played in college at Wisconsin and Pittsburgh. He’s appeared in one NFL game, with the Bills in 2016. He suffered a torn ACL with Washington in the 2018 preseason opener.

Caldwell had a large contingent of friends and family at Arrowhead Saturday.

“Oh, man. There’s nothing like running out there in Arrowhead Stadium with all those Chiefs fans out there,” Caldwell said. “It’s kinda crazy. Just to have those kids look up to you from Kansas City. Not a lot of people make it out there. Just to show them (that) it doesn’t matter what background you come from; you can make it out.”

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