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Airshare, KC-based private jet company, extends partnership with Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes’ offseason blitz of endorsements isn’t over yet.

Airshare, a Kansas City private aviation company, announced an extension of its partnership with the Chiefs’ quarterback Wednesday.

“We are proud to continue our unique partnership with Patrick and his family,” Airshare’s chief marketing officer, Andy Tretiak, in a news release. “While his performance on the field has been incredible, his genuine and engaging personality is what really makes him a great ambassador for our brand. We are thrilled to play a role in helping him manage his demanding schedule, while providing more time for him to spend with friends and family.”

Mahomes’ partnership with the company, struck before the 2018 season, was one of his first as he tried to maintain a low profile off the field. The multiyear deal allowed not only Mahomes, but also his family, to use the private-jet service — something that was important to both sides when they struck their initial agreement.

“It had to give him the piece of mind that his support system’s going to be there for every home game,” Tretiak told The Star in January. “He doesn’t have to worry about them getting delayed flights or the inconvenience of flying commercially. He kind of block that out of his mind and focus on the game, but he knows, when he looks up in the stands, or up in the box, he sees his family there.

“We’d like to think that that’s a small part in him being able to have the success he’s had on the field in terms of him not having to worry about that kind of stuff.”

The company also has partnerships with the Chiefs and coach Andy Reid.

Though Mahomes has launched big deals with national companies like Oakley and Essentia Water since the end of the 2018 season, maintaining relationships with local companies that have products he actually uses is a major tenet of his marketing team’s strategy.

“Even before he started this season, there definitely were opportunities for them to do a variety of different deals and probably a lot of them weren’t necessarily Kansas City focused, “ Tretiak said. “But he really wants to be ingrained within the Kansas City community, and we’re lucky to have him.

“I think the fact that we are local and providing a service that is of interest to him, it benefits him, I think that was a win-win for both sides, but I absolutely believe that he will look at local companies first, because that’s truly important to him.”

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