Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs send WR Jonathan Baldwin to 49ers for A.J. Jenkins

The Chiefs on Monday gave up on Jonathan Baldwin, their first-round draft pick in 2011. They traded him to the San Francisco 49ers for another disappointing wide receiver who is also a former first-round draft pick, A.J. Jenkins.

Jenkins, as a rookie out of Illinois last season, played in three games and didn’t catch a pass.

The Chiefs were equally as frustrated with Baldwin. He dropped numerous passes in training camp and a couple in preseason games. Coach Andy Reid sounded an ominous note for Baldwin on Saturday, saying, “I can tell you that when given the opportunity in this league, you’d better catch the football.’’

The Chiefs have the day off from practice Monday. Baldwin was the starting wide receiver opposite Dwayne Bowe in practice on Sunday.

“The only way you get out if he is in a slump … I don’t think he is, I just think he needs to continue to focus and detail his work,’’ offensive coordinator Doug Pederson said on Sunday. “Alex has the utmost trust in him. He’s still going to throw him the football, and you slowly work yourself out of it if he’s down from drops or mental errors or whatever it is.

“You continue to work hard. You just press on. We always talk about short-term memory, and you have to have it in this business and move on.’’