Favre waffles on revenge talk

GREEN BAY, Wis. —One minute, Brett Favre sternly insists he isn't out for revenge against the Green Bay Packers on Monday night. The next, he says it's only human for him to feel like he has something to prove to the team that traded him.

In his first extended interview session with Wisconsin-based reporters since well before his unretirement saga went public last summer, Favre reluctantly revisited his departure from Green Bay. He also awkwardly backpedaled from previous comments that indicated a grudge against Packers general manager Ted Thompson.

Favre will be wearing the purple uniform of the Packers' bitter NFC North rival at the Metrodome on Monday night, but said his career moves over the past year aren't based on revenge.

"Never was motivated for that reason," Favre said in a conference call. "No. That has nothing to do with it."

But when reminded of his comments to in February, in which Favre said part of his motivation for coming back last season was "sticking it" to Thompson, Favre acknowledged he did want to show the Packers he still belonged in the NFL.

"It's human nature to feel, I didn't use the word revenge, but to prove that you still could play," Favre said. "To prove someone wrong, or prove a group wrong. So you can call it what you want."

Packers coach Mike McCarthy wasn't about to step back into the controversy.

"I'm not going to comment on his thoughts and his words or anybody's thoughts or their words in Minnesota," McCarthy said. "We're really looking forward to playing the game, like we do every year. There is definitely added juice to it, no doubt about it, so we'll just leave it at that."