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Ryan Newman said Clint Bowyer should ‘be embarrassed’ after post-race punches

For the second straight weekend, Clint Bowyer squabbled with another driver after a race. On Saturday, Bowyer led with his fists.

Bowyer, from Emporia, Kansas, charged Ryan Newman, who was still in his car after the checkered flag at the NASCAR All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Bowyer attempted to land blows through the window. Bowyer still had his helmet on; crew members separated them.

“Doesn’t take much of a man to try to fight somebody with a helmet on,” Newman told Fox Sports 1. “I think he should be embarrassed (with) himself.”

Newman said he wasn’t happy with the way Bowyer raced him — and he tapped Bowyer’s bumper when the race was over.

“After the race, he comes and runs into my back and turns me all around, and I pull up next to him, and he dumps me into (Turn) 4,” Bowyer said. “Where I come from, you get poked in the nose for that — what he got.”

Newman said he was responding to earlier Bowyer tactics.

“(Bowyer) chopped me on the front straightway earlier in the race. After the race I just tapped him in the back, let him know I didn’t appreciate the way he raced me. Then he body-slammed me. Then I hit him back on the back straightway and he cut across my nose in Turn 3.”

Scott Miller, NASCAR’s senior vice president for competition, met with both drivers after the race and said penalties would not be assessed.

“Obviously they had a little difference of opinion out there on the race track and they had a little difference of opinion here in the trailer, but we think we understand what happened out there.

“We think they’re in a pretty good place. We’re going to keep an eye on it. We think we’re in a good place with them. We’ll have to certainly monitor that next week and moving forward with those two.

“If there starts to be any shenanigans, we will intervene.”

The next race, the Coca-Cola 600, is Sunday at Charlotte.

Kyle Larson won the All-Star Race followed by Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch. Bowyer, who was on the pole, finished 12th, Newman 13th.

Last week, Bowyer fumed at Erik Jones after the Digital Ally 400 at Kansas Speedway after Jones had blocked him during the overtime laps. Jones said he was protecting his position. Bowyer claimed the tactic cost him three spots and finished fifth at his home track.

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