Kansas City Royals

Glass refutes rumors that he’s interested in selling Royals

The rumors and whispers are escalating again – likely as no coincidence to the Royals’ disappointing start – that owner David Glass wants to sell the ballclub. That he might even be close to doing so, in fact.

“Nonsense,” Glass said. “I’ve never spoken to anyone about selling the club. I have no idea where that comes from. Who knows? But I have not been contacted by anyone.

“Everybody in baseball knows that I’m committed, and my family is committed; that we’re going to own the Royals, and that the Royals are going to be in Kansas City and that we’re going to make the team a contender again.

“We’ve not thought of anything else.”

Glass said he had no interest in selling even a minority share of the club.

“If anybody tells you that they understand we’re trying to sell the club,” he said, “you ask them, ‘to whom?’ I’ve not talked to anyone, nor has any of my family talked to anyone. I don’t understand where this stuff comes from.”

Glass said he is as disappointed as any fan at the club’s 9-19 start.

“I’ve been watching from upstairs,” he said, “and it’s not any easier to watch from up there than it is from fan level. But it’s going to get better. My confidence isn’t shaken in the least. We’re going to turn this thing around. Hang in there with us.”