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Aspen Herzberg wins title, leads East to City League girls bowling crown

Form held Saturday at the City League bowling tournament, as the undefeated Northwest boys and East girls breezed to the team titles at West Acres Bowl.

What wasn’t expected, however, was that the top individual was a girl – Blue Aces senior Aspen Herzberg.

“No, never, never happens,” Herzberg said of a girl beating the boys. “Usually the boys beat us by 100 pins. OK, not by that much but quite a bit.”

East also had the top boys individual, junior Jacob Cline, who posted a personal-best 696.

East coach Teresa Hall said Herzberg’s 712 total topping all bowlers wasn’t that surprising.

“She’s always been good,” Hall said. “I think she has beaten the boys before. It doesn’t happen very often. For her, it’s amazing because Northwest’s boys are so good.”

But bowling is a team effort, she said.

“We had five girls medal, and it took all of their scores for us to win,” she said.

Herzberg was so dominant that the only bowler within 50 pins of her was her younger sister, Addie, an East sophomore who had a 662.

Aspen said she was on her “A” game, and her strikes came in bunches – five in a row during the first game and four straight in the second. She capped the day with three strikes in the 10th frame of the third game.

Playing on the same lanes with Bishop Carroll’s Clare Morgan, the two went back and forth, sometimes matching strike for strike and spare for spare, until Herzberg forged ahead. Morgan finished fourth.

“We were joking around,” Herzberg said. “She said she hopes to strike because she was doing what I was doing and she was copying me.”

Grizzlies cruise – The Grizzlies placed five boys in the top 15, led by senior Lane Stanberry’s 688.

“I felt right at home here today,” Stanberry said. “We bowl out here all the time, and I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I normally bow better when I’m angry, so I got myself in that ‘angry’ mood, and I only had one bad shot. I was happy with the way I finished out.”

Cline said the individual title was a culmination of his improvement this season.

“It’s been a really good season for me,” he said. “I started pretty low, but I bumped my way up, and here I am.

“I’ve gotten way better.”

The Grizzlies finished with 2704 pins, with Heights a distant second at 2468.

Next up will be regionals, but Northwest will be back at West Acres, while East will go to Topeka.


Team scores – 1. Northwest, 2704; 2. Heights, 2468; 3. West 2443; 4. East, 2428; 5. Bishop Carroll, 2425; 6. South, 2354; 7. Southeast, 2339; 8. Kapaun Mount Carmel, 2281; 9. North, 2275.

Top individuals – 1. Jacob Cline, E, 696; 2. Lane Stanberry, NW, 688; 3. Joseph 1., S, 670; 4. Zach Hall, NW, 653; 5. Cameron Unruh, W, 652; 6. Caleb Limes, H, 647; 7. Luke Ewertz, NW, 643; 8. Devin Urbano, N, 642; 9. Gabe Alvarez, NW, 634; 10. Gunnar Marcum, H, 630; 11. Kaleb Johnson, SE, 625; 12. Jerrod Schmidt, BC, 616; 13. Sam Goebel, BC, 612; 14. Brandon Kraus, NW, 607; 15. Chris Marcum, H, 604.

Final standings (dual points and tournament points) – 1. Northwest, 18 points; 2. Heights, 15; 3. Bishop Carroll, 13; 4. East, 11.5; 5. West, 11; 6. North, 6.5; 7. South, 5.5; 8. Kapaun Mount Carmel, 5; 9. Southeast, 4.5.


Team scores – 1. East, 2501; 2. Northwest, 2345; 3. Bishop Carroll, 2274; 4. South, 2153; 5. Southeast, 1988; 6. Kapaun Mount Carmel, 1978; 7. Heights, 1873; 8. North, 1867; 9. West, 1535.

Top individuals – 1. Aspen Herzberg, E, 712; 2. Addie Herzberg, E, 662; 3. Cassie Edgar, S, 648; 4. Clare Morgan, BC, 639; 5. Abbey Jacobs, NW, 638; 6. Alyssa Smalley, NW, 580; 7. Alexis Shear, S, 578; 8. Brianna Hull, SE, 574; 9. Megan Henry, E, 571; 10. Alli Maddox, BC, 564; 11. Alexis Breault, NW, 563; 12. Abby Kennedy, NW, 547; 13 (tie) Christina Ali, E, and Katlyn Loper, E, 539 (tie broken by highest game: Ali, 201; Loper, 198); 15. Tiffany Clemens, SE, 520.

Final standings – 1. East, 18 points; 2. Bishop Carroll, 15; 3. South, 14; 4. Northwest, 12; 5. (tie) North, Kapaun Mount Carmel and Southeast, 8; 8. Heights, 5; 9. West, 2.