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CL tennis teams set for tournament

There was parity in the head-to-head portion of the City League girls tennis season.

But Saturday's league tournament, starting at 8 a.m. at Wichita State's Coleman Tennis Complex, will be different because of the format.

"Because this is a tournament, you can't depend on one or two players," Kapaun Mount Carmel coach Kathy Schulte said. "One good player doesn't win a tournament, you have to have everyone do well. The most well-rounded team that does will probably win."

Kapaun won the regular-season title with a 7-0 league record. Bishop Carroll, East, and Northwest finished tied for second at 5-2.

The Crusaders have three of the four top seeds.

"I think we still have to prove ourselves," Schulte said. "I think there were some teams that had people out when they played, but we're happy that we got through unscathed. It really helped in the seeding."

Health is a concern to Carroll coach Monica Peter. Several of her players were suffering from illness during the week.

"I hope we can get healthy," Peter said. "This time of season you never know what will happen. You always see some surprises."

For East first-year coach Laurel Scott, the tournament format is new.

"I see this as a place to put my players where they could possibly play the best and earn points," Scott said. "If they play well where they are I'll leave them, but if not I might make some changes before regionals."

No. 1 Gunther-Feldkamp, Carroll vs. No. 8 Patterson-Frederick, North; No. 4 Scriven-Manchester, Northwest vs. No. 5 Delacruz-Nguyen, Heights; No. 3 Redler-Van den Broek, East vs. No. 6 Dunn-Vo, Southeast; No. 7 Griffith-Brewster, South vs. No. 2 Weixelman-Le, Kapaun.