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Getting to know Daniel Youngers

Daniel Youngers


Youngers, a senior, is in his third season of wrestling. Youngers has excelled in football and wrestling, and is ranked No. 2 in Class 3-2-1A at 215 pounds. A state qualifier as a junior, he was an All-Central Plains League defensive lineman in 2009.

You're a three-sport athlete (football, wrestling and track), but you seem to enjoy football more than the others. Why?

"They're all fun, I like them all. I just grew up (playing football) and have been doing it forever. It just came more natural to me. I still like wrestling a lot, I'm just having to learn more, but it's still really fun."

You're ranked No. 2 at 215. Have you always wrestled at that weight?

"Last year I wrestled at 215. And this year, I didn't really have to lose much to get back down to 215. But my freshman year I wrestled at 171."

Garden Plain finished 8-2 in football last fall. Was it tough losing to eventual champion Wichita Collegiate in the opening round?

"It was tough. I really thought we could have taken them. They played a perfect game. We had some turnovers and when you play good teams like that and you mess up and they don't mess up, they're going to win."

You will be graduating soon, what are your plans for the future?

"Go to college. I still haven't decided if I'm going to play football or not. I might, it's still up in the air. I'm kind of thinking about Pittsburg State. I might go there for football."

Do you prefer wrestling uniforms or football uniforms?

"Well, actually, the football uniforms are just about as tight as the wrestling ones, just the people aren't as close to see you. But I probably like the football ones better just because you can't see as much."